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Arai Airbrush Design

Most companies allow their helmets becoming airbrushed provided that one doesn't penetrate the very best coat when sanding. Arai including mentions it on their website (arai web site ). Dutchairbrush doesn't paint Rubatone helmets (helmets with a soft surface).
Whenever in question contact the company of your helmet

What exactly is feasible?

The task is as wild and intricate, or as simple and clean, while you want. The shoppers spending plan and timescale are simply the limit. Your airbrush may be whatever you would ever guess. You can easily send us a concept, photo, drawing, cartoon or an image you desire united states to replicate (remember the result is always the performers interpretation of picture).


It is hard to be certain in regards to the price of your ideal project without some understanding of exactly what it requires so an estimate can only just be provided with after you moved on the task with us and we also have an obvious concept of enough time entailed inside design.

An indication for the costs for a helmet or bike part (ex tax) is:
-Base Colors helmet: €100.00
-Starting Basic Graphics (inc base shade): €225.00
-Sand and Prep used, painted, or production helmets to decorate new design: €75.00
-Price per title on helmet: €50.00

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