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Hot to AirbrushIn this guide you can learn the basis of airbrushing. For people who have never found out about airbrush yet must be said these term: using airbrush you will be painting paints with a spray weapon in addition to help of environment force a dosable color fog in the painting surface. The atmosphere stress is normaly produced by a compressor.
Below you will discover more about functions and technic regarding the airbrush. Besides, you can discover something about the history, artwork equipment and airbrushing technics. Have some fun.

Record and Development of Airbrush Art

Really it could be said the reputation for the airbrush started currently in rock Age. In those days people painted demonstrable by using wooden pipes, whereby the color ended up being blown.
1st airbrush pistol ended up being designed by the United states Abner Peeler in 1878 and patented in April 1882. Initially the airbrush art ended up being refused by galleries and art lovers because of the argumentation that the airbrush is a mechanical product together with artwork surface is certainly not be handled by airbushing. Just in 1970, after already art forms including photo realism, or even the hyper-realism have already been created, airbrush had been thought to be an art form. Known airbrush musicians are e.g. H.R. Giger, Hajime Sorayama or Luis Royo.


The airbrush is probably the important thing at airbrushing. Because of the airbrush you will definitely spray the paint in the artwork floor. Below you'll find more about the airbrush technic.

Airbrush rules: Airbrush


The compressor offers the airbrush because of the needed atmosphere stress for artwork. Additionally there are small cans with compressed-air, but those are quickly vacant. Or gasoline bottles with compressed air, and that can be refilled. The essential comfortable thig is a compressor. A compressor produces a constant environment pressure and receives the power from the power outlet. You will find compressors in variable sizes. Based on what size the airbrush is and/or exactly how many airbrushes must certanly be furnished simultaneously with compressed-air, there must be a correspondingly large atmosphere compressor with a large air cell.

how to airbrushPaints

For normal photos quick illustration colors are used - mostly acrylic shows. You are able to differ between clear paints and opaque shows. But there are additionally special textil shows, human body painting paints, paints for nail design, design shows, etc.

Painting Ground / Pasteboard

Airbrush could be don with various painting grounds like paper, steel (car), fabrics, finger nails, wood, wall space, etc. As for the report, a few that you apply special airbrush, because will never be damaged when you remove the masking product. You should always utilize top quality report, just because its slightly higher priced. Just who saves within report, saves during the incorrect end.

Masking Material and Templates

Typical for airbrushing is the use of movie (masking product) and templates. Therefore you have sharp edges of painting things. To color razor-sharp edges is otherwise difficult with airbrush due to the fact coloure is sprayed on the ground additionally the outcomes a allways a spraying mist. Or you can obtain a specific contour, which may be really diffcult to realise without a template.
Movie can simply be pasted regarding artwork floor. You then need to result in the area, where you would you like to paint, without any the film by cutting and the removal of the movie. Templates can be simply create to cover areas which should not be sprayed.

Cutter and knife

Cutter and knives are widely used to slice the movie or to make templates.

Airbrush principles: cutter to cut the masking material / movie

Pens and brushes

a pencil could be used to produce the predrawing regarding the paintingground. With crayons, coloured pencils and brushes it is possible to draw or decorate information on the image, which may be very difficult to color aided by the airbrush.


With all the eraser or a eraser pen airbrush paints is removed, for instance to produce light impacts. Additionally there are electric eraser which can make working simpler.

Airbrush Function and Technic

The event of a airbrush can be explained in a simple and understandable declaration the following:

At airbrushing along with is floated or hoovered out from the airbrush by an airflow. During the nozzle of the airbrush the paint is blown forward and develops spray flow. The airflow is e.g. produced by a compressor, with that your airbrush is connected. The airbrush paint is affixed in a pot / container, regarding the airbrush. Colour containers is sitting both (with a few exceptions) at the top of the airbrush, so that the shade can stream to the airbrush or its fixed in the bottom, so that the paint is drawn through a little pipe towards top.

Airbrush rules: Airbrush with a double action function

Airbrush concepts: Airbrush with a double-action purpose disassembled

There are Airbrushes with various adjusting opportunities. At airbrushs with just one activity you can manage only the airflow with the help of the trigger. This means that by pressing the trigger the airflow is increased and therefore a stronger shade jet is sprayed. When you release the trigger, it will likely be set to the beginning possition by a spring therefore the environment valve is closed once again.
With airbrushs with single-action and a needle, you can easily control along with amount this is certainly sprayed by

At Airbrushes with double action function it is possible to change the position regarding the needle and the airflow through trigger continuously, without interrupting the airflow or even the spraying of shade. My suggestion for artwork pictures or airbrushing is therefore a airbrush with double-action purpose (i know have just these types of airbrushs).

Plenty about the simplest principles and fundamental of airbrush art. In the next term, further guids toward subject "painting with airbrush" are going to be put into the art instructions. One of them will additionally be a guide about airbrush managing and a step-by-step directions for a whole airbrush painting.

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