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Aztek Airbrush nozzles

Aztek has generated the absolute most innovative airbrush in the industry today. Aztek’s user-friendly, very easy to spray and simple to master system uses quick change feed cups and tip technology. Innovative innovations for instance the tip technology get this to airbrush the absolute most consumer friendly airbrush available on the market. Each airbrush comes in a set with various add-ons to accommodate many needs. Below you'll find the options that come with this airbrush plus the add-ons that the set contains

Internal Blend Airbrush Properties:

  • Easy Airbrushing program with compatible Nozzles and containers
  • Patented Aztek Nozzle program for quick effects changes
  • An easy task to cleanse
  • Durable, lightweight human anatomy
  • Quickly changes for Fine Lines to wide Strokes, accurate control
  • Adjustable Paint Cups for Appropriate or Left Handed users
  • Adjustable range width control
  • Pinpoint accuracy control
  • Endless projects - Hours of enjoyable!

A320 Airbrush - single-action / Internal combine airbrush with 6' hose.

Suggested Use:

  • Moderate to small location coverage
  • Detail work

A3206 Set Includes:

  • A320 Airbrush & 6' Hose
  • General Purpose (Gray) Nozzle / .40 mm
  • High Flow (White) Nozzle / .50 mm
  • 28 mm Siphon cap & bottle
  • 12 cc Top Feed Color Cup
  • Guide & DVD
  • Compressor adapter & Nozzle wrench
  • Vinyl storage case

A370 Airbrush - Double action / Internal combine airbrush with 6' hose pipe.

A370L Set Has:

  • A370 “T” Shaped Airbrush & 6' Hose

A430 Airbrush - double-action / Internal combine airbrush with 6' hose.

A4306 Set Includes:

  • A430 Resin Airbrush & 6' (1.8 m) hose
  • 3 Nozzles: General Purpose, High Flow & General Detail
  • 7.5 cc Gravity Feed Color Cup
  • 2 Siphon Jars: 28 mm Siphon cap & container & 33 mm Siphon limit & container
  • Compressor Adaptor & Nozzle wrench

The A470 & A480 Aztek airbrushes are capable become solitary or double action with a control dial for paint flow. Below you will discover the features of these airbrushes therefore the add-ons that each ready includes.

  • Accurate, Fine and General information work – from modeling information to temporary tattoos!
  • Good Arts Application
  • Bakery Application
  • Mixed Media creations
  • Venture Choices Are endless!

A470L Set Has:

  • A470 Resin Airbrush with Ergonomic hold & 6' (1.8 m) hose

A4702 Set Has:

  • General-purpose Nozzle / .40 mm
  • Compressor adapter

A4307 Set Includes:

  • 3 Nozzles: General Purpose, General Detail & Tall Flow
  • 1 Feed Cup: 7.5 cc Gravity Feed
  • Wood storage case
  • Instructions and DVD

A4709 Set Includes:

  • 6 Nozzles: Fine Range, General Detail, General-purpose, Tall Flow, Acrylic General Detail & Acrylic Tall Flow
  • 4 Feed Cups: 2.5 cc Side Feed, 3 cc Gravity Feed, 7.5 cc Gravity Feed & 10 cc Gravity Feed
  • Wood case
  • Instructional handbook & DVD

We’ve blended the ease and flexibility of Aztek advanced airbrush design with a quality triple-chrome-plated body to produce the new A4809 Metal system Airbrush. Forged from alloy, the double-action interior combine A4809 weighs in at 30 grams, providing it the substantial weight of a metal airbrush with the experience of this Aztek design. Just like other Aztek airbrushes, the A4809 features the patented quick-change, easy to clean nozzle system. Increase your full array of recommendations, paint cups, bottles, gravity feed shade glasses and accessories, and you also’ve got a contemporary heavy-duty airbrush system providing you with both accuracy paint application and excellent toughness.

Suggested Use:

A480L Set Has:

  • A480 steel Airbrush & 6' (1.8 m) hose

A4809 Set Has:

  • 6 Nozzles: Fine Range, General Detail, Acrylic General Detail, Acrylic Tall Flow, General Detail & Tall Flow
  • 4 Gravity Feed Cups: 2.5 cc Side Feed, 3 cc Gravity Feed, 7.5 cc Gravity Feed & 10 cc Gravity Feed

A7778 Ultimate Airbrush Set Has:

  • 9 nozzles: good range, tall Flow, General Detail, Acrylic General Detail, Acrylic High Flow Nozzle, Spatter & Small, Medium & big Coverage
  • Deluxe wood case with velvet pouch for airbrush

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