Aztek Airbrush Review

This is basically the top of the line Aztek dual activity environment brush with a steel body. Testors had been type enough to send a complete ready that includes all pieces the following. It comes down is a good mahogany presentation case this is certainly ideal for saving the airbrush and all sorts of the add-ons. Included will be the after:

  • A480 Airbrush & 6' (1.8 mm) hose
  • Fine Line Nozzle / .30 mm
  • General Detail Nozzle / .53 mm
  • Acrylic General Detail Nozzle / .40 mm
  • Acrylic High Flow Nozzle / .50 mm
  • General Detail Nozzle / .40 mm
  • High Flow Nozzle / .50 mm
  • 2.5 cc Part Feed Colors Cup
  • 3 cc Gravity Feed Color Cup
  • 7.5 cc Gravity Feed Colors Cup
  • 10 cc Gravity Feed Colors Cup
  • 28 mm Siphon limit & bottle
  • 33 mm Siphon cap & container
  • Instructional handbook & video
  • Compressor adapter
  • Wood case

This airbrush can also be available whilst the A470 with a synthetic human body. The material body features great heft to it and meets well into my hand. The nice collection of ideas provides a few for use with acrylics in accordance with lacquers and enamels. The training DVD that is included with the set explains the operation of airbrush plus maintenance, troubleshooting many imaginative use information. All very well finished with simple to follow directions.

I was specially hit because of the repeated opinions not to ever disassemble the recommendations and/or airbrush for cleaning. I am aware that many of you've got done so before with little difficulty, but i must assume that a lot of who decide to try make a mess of things. Are there one thing that I think should really be added, it will be a sheet that explains each one of the tips and their particular paint use. The Testors website does offer this information, nonetheless it would be great having it added to the merchandise.

OK, so that you are likely wondering how really this works. You may already know, i have been utilizing various other companies and thought your Aztek must certanly be provided a good check-out. Connecting the hose pipe to my compressor wasn't a challenge though one has to take care never to over-tighten. Obtaining the hose pipe run behind my hand was an innovative new sensation that'll simply take a little bit of getting used to, nonetheless it does keep the hose out of one's work. Aztek airbrushes have the choice to not just usage siphon bottles, additionally paint glasses. The design is so that these can be fit to either suitable or left side of the airbrush. The large bottle inside set features a cap that will fit straight onto Badger containers so those people who have a supply of these and old Gunze paint bottles will see that a pleasant touch. Additionally a nice touch usually all of the paint glasses have actually a high on it. People who possess spilled paint from these will value this.

I sprayed various kinds paint using this, altering to your proper tip whenever needed. Lacquers, enamels and acrylics all dispersed with equal convenience. Used to do realize that the bigger guidelines have a plastic needle whereas the finer ones have it manufactured from material.

Mastering how-to do good lines and modifying the airbrush for them takes some getting used to if an individual has been using other atmosphere brush brands. But if you consider it, it really works the same way. Going the modification in the back associated with the airbrush will restrict the action of the needle, just like on other atmosphere brushes. This can enable it to be became an individual action product if one needs a consistently sized spray pattern.

As a result of the design of airbrush, clean-up is amongst the simplest of any I've used. Since paint doesn't get back in to the body while the needle is a component associated with tip, there is certainly never a worry concerning the action getting stiff from dried paint within. The tips could be wet in every kinds of cleansers and wrench used to secure the ideas has also parts to aid loosen any accumulated paint. I found that a typical non-abrasive pipeline cleanser could cleanse any paint from siphon pipes while the entry gap into the airbrush it self.

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