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Makebelieve Self Tanning Items

Make Believe is a brief variety of self tanning products in fabulous packaging. Everybody knows if they feel well about themselves – their particular radiance shines from within. makebelieve helps you reach that goal internal shine. Our cosmetics have-been created to allow you to look & feel breathtaking with a natural-looking tan rather than a ‘fake’ one.

Why ? A tan can help you feel well informed & there is nothing more appealing than a positive, healthier searching individual whose inner glow shines through. All makebelieve tans are normal hunting, and because of the Rainforest mixture of ingredients, the skin will smell gorgeous, feel toned & beautifully moisturised. So apply, indulge. makebelieve in yourself – release your internal glow!?

The makebelieve enhance makeup range is comprised of 5 face must haves that have been specifically developed to assist you make the most of your facial tan.

The makebelieve self tan range comprises personal Tan Lotion, Airbrush Bronzer, Gradual Self Tan, evening Facial Self Tan Moisturiser and fast solution Cleansing Wipes.


Each item contains anti-oxidants, good fresh fruit extracts and caffeinated drinks to split straight down cellulite, firm, tone and tighten the skin, while moisturising in addition.

Tan Extender

Makebelieve offers an all-natural, streak-free color and an exotic scent. Whenever blind tested by 100 females on Channel 4's how-to Look Good Naked, makebelieve Gradual Self Tan won over three other products. It allows users to build an all-natural, fantastic searching tan as time passes while moisturising skin.

From makebelieve’s very own tanning guru

  • A tan tends to make most people feel a lot better – more confident and usually delighted!
  • All the celebrities are noticed using a self tan – most of us only love that natural radiance

A makebelieve tan is just very easy to utilize and everyone just loves the wonderful scent and wealthy moisturising things that in fact tone your skin too! A makebelieve tan just does not look artificial and will be reapplied to accomplish a darker colour if you need that effect.

Top great tips on obtaining the perfect tan tend to be:

  1. If you wish to remove any tresses make sure that you try this at least a day before applying on your own tan as waxing leaves the hair follicles open and may end in a speckled effect.
  2. Give your system a beneficial work-out by exfoliating very first.
  3. Your tan will go on even more uniformly as soon as your skin is buffed.
  4. With makebelieve the moisturising components (coconut, cohune, lime, Brazil-nut, and coconut oil) provides you with beautifully toned and moisturised epidermis anyhow.
  5. Before applying self tan, rub a great amount of moisturiser on palms of the arms and soles of feet and in the middle of your hands and feet.
  6. Any blunders may be rubbed away quicker!
  7. When applying self tan you’ll get a lot fewer smudges and errors in the event that you begin with the feet very first and progress your body to your face final.
  8. Don’t forget your ears!

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