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Game Air is a variety of water-based, matte acrylic colors, created particularly for airbrushing. Inside formulation for this range different new resins happen chosen for qualities which up till today wasn't achieved in water-based colors. The power, weight and covering energy of Game Air is more advanced than any acrylic airbrush shade currently available as well as allows for application by brush to highlight the littlest details of the tiny. The pigments have been selected relating to their particular amount of light-fastness and optimum micronization. The consequences of washes and transparencies can be had by diluting the colors; all colors and varnishes is mixed together and diluted with Airbrush thin.

Game Air Colors
The colors inside range have been chosen in collaboration with modelers specialized in fantasy numbers and dioramas, together with existing colors into the Game colors range have now been taken into specific consideration. The names and colors quite popular colors of Game Color happen preserved in Game Air, utilizing the formula and resins employed for Model Air (see Equivalency dining table). In the shade chart we include a diagram of the very most frequent color combinations: base color, light and shadow.

Game Air has actually excellent performance on all materials. The adhesion associated with the colors on resin, plastic, steel and white metal is extraordinary. Furthermore the areas do not require previous priming. Only regarding an extremely dark base whether it's useful to very first utilize a primer so that you can increase the brightness associated with the final colors.

Shake well before utilizing. Pour the paint straight into the airbrush, either undiluted or formerly diluted with thin (71.261). Colors could be blended in the cup the airbrush. Game Air dries very quickly on the model and licenses immediate application of aging procedures as well as the utilization of washes, pigments, and dry-brush strategies.

The varnishes being created particularly for airbrushing. Drying is extremely quickly and does not leave fingerprints (“no tack”). Varnishes could be used straight or diluted with distilled water or Thinner 71.261. Sometimes, a layer of varnish will do however if more layers are needed, an interval of five minutes is suggested between each coat. Once shielded by the varnish, the colors resist the use of oils, glazes, as well as pure turpentine and light washes with liquor.

Airbrush Thinner 71.261
The Airbrush Thinner will give even more freedom to the shade without producing a loss of adhesion, opacity and covering properties The product additionally helps you to delay the drying out of paint within the airbrush system, making sure that is better to add a few falls of Thinner while working. For dilution with Thinner, advised proportion is 1 part slimmer to 3 components paint .Distilled water modifications
the properties of Game Air but is maybe not incompatible.

Airbrush Cleaner 71.099
Airbrush Cleaner may be the solution for washing the airbrush between one shade and another. This product quickly removes the remains of old paint and in addition lubricates the airbrush without harming its procedure. While painting, the end of the airbrush must be cleaned occasionally with a cloth moistened with cleaner to eliminate traces of dried color; this will avoid splattering or the clogging associated with airbrush. Airbrush cleaner may also be used on model as a stripper to eliminate paint or to correct errors when you look at the application
of this colors.

Exterior Primers
The water-based acrylic-polyurethane primers dried out rapidly to touch, and confer a mat, self-leveling base coating of extraordinary resistance; the artwork regarding the design can be continued practically instantly.

Chipping Medium
The product can be used by brush or airbrush to produce results of use, massaging and chipping on acrylics.

Security / Toxicity
Game Air gets the after intercontinental safety certificates: EN71-3:2013 and ASTM D-4236. These separate certifications guarantee that no harmful substances are employed which could pose a risk into wellness of both individual plus the

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