Custom Florida Gators football

Custom helmets

Unique technology contained in all Riddell helmet designs. Research-based mandible protection helps reduce the forces from side impacts. Technology function includes side layer extensions coupled with side-liner extensions.

Fundamental area of the Patented Side influence cover, extended jaw flap provides improved side protection, in comparison with conventional helmets, by covering more of the mandible.
Fundamental area of the Patented Side influence Protection, inside liner runs to the mandible location to improve energy attenuation and part defense.
Increased shell offset handles a broad array of influence types without compromising reaction to higher-level impacts.


Flexibility designed to the helmet's layer, nose and mouth mask and breathing apparatus attachment system with hinge clips decreases effect force transfer toward athlete.


Strategic combination of padding materials inside of the helmet digest influence power and retain their particular position and function over prolonged durations of play.


Mask accessory equipment, precision-milled from stainless. Disengages with a straightforward hit of a button.


A ratchet-style chin strap attachment system created predicated on elite player feedback and created for effortless, efficient modifications that may keep up with the game's quicker pace and offer an alternative way to help secure proper fit each play.


High power Spring metal; slimmer and lighter, high performance nose and mouth mask gets better sightlines and area eyesight for athlete.


Inflatable liner components accustomed make last size modifications to produce a custom fit.


FLEXLINER: versatile lining, designed to conform to different mind forms, providing convenience and helmet stability. OVERLINER: Removable, moisture-resistant liner cover with antimicrobial properties built in to guard the merchandise provides comfort and stability.

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