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Custom bike paint jobs

The Bicycle store and Jack Kane Custom Racing Bicycles have already been astonishing customers year in year out with a few of the best, most special styles and paint jobs when you look at the U.S. Our professional paint group has actually over forty several years of experience in customized framework design and painting. The bike Shop functions an in-house cutting-edge paint booth, complete with top quality painting equipment, including the full type of airbrushing gear for many unique individual variations. We make use of the Du Pont recommended paint system for each phase regarding the procedure to make sure your brand-new custom painted bike frame will look as good a decade from now as it performed on the day you selected it. Whether you’re performing the newest matte and gloss look or restoring a classic beauty, - when you've got it painted within bike Shop & Jack Kane, you might be ensured the best possible outcomes for the amount of money.

We gladly custom paint Trek, Specialized, Cervelo, Felt, Pinarello, large, Valdora, Neil Pryde, Cannondale, Scott, Jamis, Litespeed, Time, Ceepo, Serotta, Argon, Orbea, Kuota, Ridley, globe X, Fuji, Blue, BMC, Canyon, Focus, Colnago, Elite, Kestrel, etc, but if you want to bring your biking and triathlon driving experience one step further, we are able to assist you to pursue your ultimate design. Jack features 40+ many years of industry knowledge and expertise and then he has actually put it all into his frames. We’ve had top expert teams, elite teams, club teams, triathletes, etc, you name it, on our bikes. We’re race and road proven. More to the point, Our Bicycles are Extraordinary.

Forward us / Bring us your designs and paint alternatives and Jack extends to work. Jack Kane bicycles tend to be much more important because we build-to-order. You select the components, gruppo, wheels, etc. This bike reflects who you are, therefore we let you function as the employer.

Jack Kane Personalized Racing Bicycles is headquartered in Jacksonville, New York – .

Call us at 910.455.1011 today and present your bicycle a custom make-over.

Carbon Fiber Bike Paint System

  1. Frame is cleansed with the DuPont PrepSol to get rid of natural oils, oil, impurities.
  2. The framework is hand-sanded, flattening the old paint and the removal of decals.
  3. We utilize a three-part DuPont ChromaPremier sealer procedure.
  4. Then, we make use of a three-part DuPont ChromaPremier primer.
  5. We after that wet-sand the frame.
  6. Now the frame is ready for painting.
  7. DuPont ChromaPremier Value Shade Sealers and ChromaBase Systems are used for the colors, with any custom paint work becoming now applied.
  8. After the paint work is finished impacts tend to be applied to the frame including: pearl, steel flake, flip flop, etc.
  9. If decals are desired, they've been applied currently.
  10. Eventually, we make use of Du Pont’s Imron 500S, a two-component, polyurethane clear, because the final step-in safeguarding and beautifying your new paint task.

Aluminum Bike Paint Program

  1. The frame is stripped on base metal utilizing chemical strippers.
  2. Next the framework is glass beaded.
  3. Then the framework is cleansed with Dupont’s 225s steel Cleaner.
  4. Following the metal solution, Du Pont’s 226s Conversion Coating is applied to the framework.
  5. Next Du Pont’s Variprime (a self etching primer) is placed on the frame.
  6. Uro Primer, Filler is used next which becomes the true basis the paint.
  7. Spot putty and the body filler are then utilized as needed to fill frame flaws.
  8. Damp sanding then brings forth that glass like surface, for color application.
  9. The frame will be reprised as required to cover any frame work.
  10. Du Pont’s Centari Acrylic Enamel happens to be applied damp and glossy or matte, as requested because of the consumer.
  11. Chroma Base color or colors, with any custom paint tasks are now applied.
  12. Du Pont’s Imron, a two-component, polyurethane obvious, is the final step up safeguarding and beautifying your paint.

Steel: Two Stage Paint Program

  1. Disclosure: We try not to do chroming.
  2. Next the framework is cup beaded to eliminate corrosion, oxidation and rust as required.
  3. Then frame is cleaned with Du Pont’s 5717 metal conditioner (an acid cleaner).
  4. Currently any steel tasks are carried out upon clients request ( braze on, reduction restoration, alignment, etc).
  5. The framework will be reprimed as needed to cover any frame work.
  6. Today Chroma Base color or colors, with any custom paint tasks are today used.

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