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Dirt bike paint jobs

Rustoleum Painted PanelsUpdates on Rustoleum Paint Job eventually!

Let me reveal a little dust bicycle rustoleum paint project, we have the larger John Deer Tractor project coming quickly and also will be included in the unique RPJ Gold Course.

People online as well as on YouTube tend to be raving on the rustoleum paint job. Whatever they aren’t suggesting could be the longterm finish effects that you’ll get after being inside weather condition for a few days.

Yeah, some of the images that you see saying they were painted years ago look great, but be warned. These were most likely storage held or artificial.

I’ve done the screening and fundamental rustoleum wont last. Even rustoleum clears break down to fuel and thinners…

In the video above we in fact show you examinations we’ve done making use of gasoline and paint thinners, pouring them over rustoleum painted panels for a mini soil bicycle.

Rustoleum Paint Job on Dirt Bike (key combination)You can plainly see that the clear will not hold-up and becomes like mush right after moments the slimmer had been poured into it. In reality clear coats are meant to protect your paint as well as give it a pleasant gloss.

In the long run… you’ll have actually Longer Lasting Tripple Durability PRO Finishes on the special tasks.

We never suggest painting any project without the need for this PRO top-coat. and we also cannot suggest painting projetcs with rollers.

If roller painting is what you’re looking, sorry… after that we can’t assist you to. The course is strictly addressing aerosol artwork and HVLP spray weapon painting.

Within the program we're going to in addition demonstrate tips decorate basic rustoleum enamels (non aerosol) also rustoleum spray paint images, 2 tone with pearls should you want to SHOW-OFF 🙂

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