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Airbrush and compressor Kits for Sale

Create incredible, edible cake art sure to wow everyones eyes - and tastebuds! - utilising the Cake employer designing Tools Airbrushing Kit. Run on a durable, compact 18 PSI compressor device, the chrome-plated airbrush provides consistent, regular airflow with three flexible levels - high to cover huge areas, medium for basic airbrushing designs, and low to generate fine details or script. Simply switch on the compressor, afin de your selection of shade in to the reservoir, thereby applying your styles to desserts. Use the airbrush to create colorful blue heavens and green areas, to stencil, to create phrases like "Pleased birthday celebration, " and accent desserts and cupcakes with dots, swirls alongside details. Allow your own personal imagination flow! The cake decorating airbrush is attached to the compressor by a flexible rubberized hose pipe, in addition to system includes a plastic dropper for moving colors from combining containers into the airbrush reservoir, an A/C adaptor and a particular tool to hold the nozzle clean. An instance and convenient training booklet come, and this professional-quality, user-friendly cake airbrush system lovers perfectly with fondant rollers, impression mats, and the other great dessert Boss Decorating Tools and Bakeware materials. Perfect for every person from beginners to experts, Cake employer Decorating Tools constantly make baking and decorating much easier plus enjoyable.

  • Design sweet artwork with desserts and cupcakes using the professional-quality Cake employer Decorating Tools Airbrushing system.
  • Running on a sturdy, small 18 PSI compressor device, the chrome-plated airbrush provides regular airflow with three adjustable levels; DC current, 9W energy.
  • Merely start the compressor, pour your selection of shade in to the reservoir, and pull the airbrushs trigger to utilize styles to desserts.
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