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xenith-epic-banner-.jpg2016 Xenith Epic Football Helmet

Xenith Epic helmet is simply that it's EPIC! Fashioned with superior construction and made for professional athletes but could be donned by all ability levels. The next generation shock absorbers tend to be engineered with a multi compression design that deflects effects and keeps you comfortable. The shell not only seems cool but inaddition it keeps you cool. The Xenith Epic helmet was created so environment flows freely from front side to straight back. The molded foam occipital lock provides professional athletes keeps the helmet guaranteed tightly and is incredibly comfortable. In the event your at the very top athlete or tend to be training become one, this is the helmet obtainable. The custom facemasks: Pursuit, Prowl, and Prime could be added at no extra expense. Stay safeguarded, look cool off and win titles wearing the Xenith EPIC helmet.

shock-absorber.jpgNext generation surprise absorbers:

  • The brand new shocks incorporate the transformative venting properties with a multi staged compression design.
  • Three phases of increasing mechanical resistance.
  • As the shock is impacted even more walls tend to be activated enhancing the compression weight.
  • This multi staged reaction better manages the effect qualities whatsoever force amounts.
  • Weight: 3.19 lbs with attached facemask
  • Recommend for Highschool, College and Professionals.

Several shock levels

The EPIC DFLX liner has actually four different height surprise absorbers to produce a protection in every location of the helmet. By using tuned shocks per place we are making the most of the room in the helmet to offer exceptional overall performance in most place.

EPIC Shell

  • Extra vents within the shell enable atmosphere to pass from front side towards the straight back maintaining the athlete cool.
  • This Polycarbonate layer has brand-new contours which stiffen the layer for better impact attenuation.
  • Xenith Epic was handed the best safety rating of five performers from NFL helmet research.
  • Made In America
  • Avialable in M, L and XL

Molded foam occipital lock

  • Extra convenience and safety are given using the new molded foam occipital lock.
  • This pad better conforms into the occipital bone tissue in the back of your head for an even more secure and comfortable fit to hold the helmet in the head.

EPIC hex comfort shields

  • Brand new convenience pads created using water evidence TPU address and Poron XRD foam.
  • These brand-new pads tend to be more comfortable, better to clean, more durable, much more hygienic and offer some low-energy effect overall performance enhancement.
xenith-epic-clear-helmet.png screen-shot-2016-06-12-at-7.57.16-pm.png

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