PX40K: Quick Review: Neo/Iwata

Iwata Neo Airbrush Review

I have no doubt about Iwata airbrush, as many professionals say it really is good in high quality. And I also also think it is is user-friendly, like, the simplified design makes it easier to wash when compared with various other low priced items. Besides, the trigger for paint circulation is smooth and easy to regulate whenever you`re doing reveal work. Its 0.35mm nozzle makes this airbrush relevant for selection of reasons because it's just between 0.5mm standard dimensions and 0.2mm high-precision size nozzles. Furthermore, this Iwata airbrush is affordable, can`t think myself utilizing an Iwata airbrush as a newbie. It comes with two paint cups for different paint programs. Whole lot.

I happened to be a tad concerned about a cheep Iwata, nevertheless when we tried it I came across it to be a good small airbrush. Great clasic Iwata smooth activity and up to there standard of design.
I am now deciding on purchasing another one.

very pleased with my acquisition of the Iwata CN. its a good little bit of kit your money can buy, a lot better than
other cheap airbrushes I viewed.

Recently bought a compressor with two airbrushes included. The compressor is okay however the airbrushes are close to ineffective. I got myself the Neo as a replacement and it also work straight-out of the box giving a beneficial finish.
The cost it could not be outdone Im very pleased along with it

Having used inexpensive Chinese airbrushes in past times making use of the Neo has-been the truth. Exemplary flow and perfect paint application without any clogging for the nozzle which will be commonplace because of the cheap Chinese ones. In addition the capability to utilize two differing sized colour cups is excellent, in reality for tiny detail work you should not make use of a colour cup at all. Brilliant airbrush for a modest cost.

"i ended up being amazed using quality of this airbrush its great and provides you great detail easy to clean I recommend this airbrush to anyone perfect for the novice ive purchased a number of the inexpensive ones which are ok but this blows all of them from the liquid well worth it for the price don't hesitate only purchase the neo for iwata "

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