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Painting crankbaits is easy using the Neo CNFor many years I’ve been an excellent lover of this Iwata HP-C Plus for custom painting crankbaits. It’s been the workhorse of my operation for around five years and I also currently have 5 HP-C Plus’ in almost daily usage. Some have been around in usage for a long time and are also just like a single day i got myself all of them. I’d positively recommend the HP-C Plus to anybody stepping into custom appeal painting. It’s about as near as you’ll discover into perfect all-round airbrush.

Just a few months back Karl Isherwood at Anest Iwata Australia offered me with among their Neo For Iwata CN designs to test and review. Before I get into the peanuts and bolts of how I’ve discovered this airbrush for painting crankbaits, I would ike to give you a bit of basic history from the Neo selection of airbrushes.

The challenges faced by the manufacturers of better quality airbrushes could be the glut of cheap, no-name knockoffs which have overloaded the market lately. On e-bay and Amazon these substandard airbrushes look just as good as the high quality ones. But once they arrive in your doorstep it's an alternate matter. A lot more then when you try and utilize them!

In the event that you’ve done any amount of custom lure artwork you’ll have the distinction the moment you are taking one from the packaging. Cheap airbrushes feel good, cheap. They're usually less solid, less smooth and less comfortable to keep than an excellent airbrush – which instantly equals less control of paint.

There are additionally some not-so-visible shortcomings associated with the bargain basement airbrushes, also. Thin chrome wears away rapidly, causing them to clog more frequently. Smooth needles degrade of form, bad sitting of needle in the nozzle and poor inner baffling all trigger sub-standard atomization of this paint. Bad overall performance is common after 2-3 weeks, if not the moment they are very first used. They usually have actually an extremely brief lifespan and (oftentimes) it is challenging get replacement parts.

Painting Crankbaits: Craw completed making use of the Neo CNbut the majority people who are simply stepping into painting crankbaits aren't airbrush experts. Most don’t have the opportunity to test several different companies before buying just one single that'll cover all their needs. And since the cheapies look exactly like the higher quality models it may be tempting to save a few dollars. Which Often costs far more in lengthy run……

Undoubtedly, those cheapie airbrushes have made it more available for each day punter to start painting crankbaits. But unfortunately, they also cause a lot of guys to get frustrated and provide up prematurely.

My guidance? Painting crankbaits is addicting, when you begin you’re likely to need continue. While don’t want to be restricted or annoyed by rubbish equipment. Therefore purchase the best you can afford, immediately. It will help you save money in the long run!

Painting Crankbaits Using The Neo For Iwata CN

During my view, Iwata made a tremendously smart move because of the Neo range. They’ve outsourced the production from their particular high-end Japanese factory and made various compromises to simply help get the cost down. However they have actuallyn’t compromised in the crucial things, this means they may be able nonetheless supply the full backing and warranty they do using their upper end airbrushes. Iwata is making high quality airbrushes offered to hobbyists without damaging their reputation…… Like We said, really wise!

Nonetheless, I have to admit that when I initially started the Neo CN box I received a deep breath before choosing it up. Would it not possess substandard experience regarding the el-cheapo’s? Had they made way too many compromises?

Instant relief! This airbrush felt solid, smooth and well made. Very first test passed!

I immediately pulled the airbrush apart and provided all of the threads a fall of airbrush lubricant. It’s just anything i really do with brand-new airbrushes and generally seems to help keep every thing working effortlessly for extended.

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