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Learning how to airbrush is not hard but you need a beneficial airbrush. This analysis will guide you in deciding on the best airbrush that'll guarantee your success. If you're on a tight budget, you can find inexpensive airbrushes which can be great high quality that may last for many years!

Could pay comparable cost for an airbrush which going to work 100per cent of that time out of the package as a Chinese knock down! Therefore cannot take action.

These reviews tend to be restricted to the two best airbrushes companies on the market today. I suggest that you buy either a Badger or Iwata airbrush because both businesses test every airbrush and sit behind their products.

To insure your success you want good double-action airbrush in which the paint and air are both controlled because of the trigger. As a beginner, you are going to spray plenty of paint inside learning process so purchase either a siphon feed that uses a few ounce bottles or a gravity feed which has about a 1/3 oz. cup.

All you have to get started is an excellent airbrush, airbrush hose, compressor and paint however you can purchase a couple of cleaning brush's of course your allowance permits an air (dampness) filter and extra paint containers. If you cann't pay for an air filter at the moment than deplete your compressor container frequently!!

Badger Airbrush:

If you are on a budget or do not want to fork out a lot of money to begin with after that Badger makes some excellent low priced airbrushes. They are United states made airbrushes with a guarantee and each is tested perhaps the inexpensive airbrushes.

Thayer and Chandler Vega 2000:

If you are on a tight budget than i suggest you buy this siphon feed airbrush with a medium tip for about $40. This airbrush utilizes 3 tip dimensions for different squirt patterns and a little more cash you can get a kit with 3 sizes and a hose.

Thayer and Chandler Omni 3000:

My after that recommendation is this siphon feed airbrush. If this airbrush meets your financial allowance than use the step up and take advantage of it really is solitary needle design which means you do not require different needles and nozzles. It really is about $45 on Amazon.

Both Vega 2000 and Omni 3000 airbrushes are employed by 100's of T-shirt and automotive performers and that means you won't get wrong with either airbrush.

Thayer and Chandler Omni 4000:

Gravity feed airbrushes can spray finer lines at reduced air pressures as they do not must draw within the paint just like the siphon feed airbrushes. For those who have a light duty compressor than this can be the decision for your set up however it costs a bit more.

Badger 155 Anthem:

Another good airbrush the beginner which can be an over-all purpose airbrush with a slightly larger nozzle size (0.75mm). It offers the only needle/nozzle design and will not spray as good a line while the Omni 3000 but has actually wider squirt pattern for coverage of bigger places like background. Still a good beginner airbrush.

Iwata is pricier as compared to Badger airbrush however it is a great airbrush. It comes in siphon feed, gravity and part feed designs. Both the gravity and side feed include the finer 0.35mm tip. Iwata today has actually an affordable airbrush labeled as the Neo Iwata but I don't suggest it for novices because screw on tip rendering it a bugger to completely clean.

Iwata-Medea Eclipse HP BCS is the siphon feed model with the 0.5mm tip.

Iwata-Medea Eclipse HP-CS is the gravity feed model using the 0.35mm tip.

Iwata-Medea Eclipse HP SBS could be the part feed model with all the 0.35mm tip.

Iwata makes a really high quality airbrush and it is most likely the best selling airbrush in america these days due to the high quality and aggressive marketing. Some of the Eclipse airbrushes are a great choice for a novice though the side feed has actually an extremely little cup dimensions.

Be sure to get an additional tip and needle just in case you split a nozle or fold a tip!

After that you require a hose to connect your airbrush towards environment offer. Get a good 10 base braided hose pipe. In addition, get an instant disconnect fitting for your certain model of airbrush. That way if you wish to stop and cleanse the airbrush you simply will not must bleed the air off the compressor an such like.

In addition, buy a collection of mini plastic cleaning brushes, and some airbrush restorer both are a great aid in cleaning the airbrush and keeping in in good shape. Air weapon lubricant assists also.

Now you have numerous good alternatives therefore go the the Airbrush Store and discover the one that suits your look. I've limited your choices to your airbrushes that i understand are the best for beginning airbrush students and won't disappoint you therefore choose one to get begun!


There are an infinite number of paints that you can use airbrushing. However, it is better to begin with a textile paint. Once you get your fundamental shots perfected you need to advance to airbrushing tees since they are a cheap and a forgiving surface. Plus you can easily wear them and give them as presents. Once you've gotten good at learning the airbrush you will be ready to decorate hard surfaces including canvas and metal.


Createx paint is the most preferred airbrush paint and they also make a paint called Wicked Colors that could be useful for textile or automotive if clear coated.

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