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The Motorcycle Bikers Dictionary
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Parallel Twin - Inline 2 cylinder motor Parallel Twin - Inline 2 cylinder motor

P-Pad - Pillion Pad - The passenger chair

Paddock - location in which maintenance on battle entered motorcycles takes place, which also includes assistance vehicles and transport.

Paddock stand – a detachable stand always raise either the front or rear wheel from the surface.

Pads - Tires

Pancake motor - Horizontally opposed motor. (in other words.. BMW Boxer or Honda Goldwing engine)

Pan Panhead - 1. Slang for the Harley-Davidson engine produced between 1948 and 1965. Known as following the device addresses that look like small turkey roasting pans. 2. The Panhead motor (V-Twin, produced from 1948 - 1965). 3. Harley-Davidson's second generation overhead valve Big Twin.

Pannier - One of a set of saddlebags, packages or baskets hung over the rear wheel of a bike

Parallel Twin - 1. An inline 2 cylinder engine. 2. A two cylinder engine using its cylinders put side by side in an upright place.

Parked It - Going reduced in a competition than circumstances allow.

Participate - to help an associate in a fight by ganging through to the adversary.

Parts per million (ppm) - a way of measuring focus typically suggesting how many volume components of a substance per 106 components of atmosphere.

Traveler Backrest - Sissy Club

Traveler Pad - Pillion Pad

Pasta Rocket - any Italian Sportbike (Ducati, Aprilia, MV Agusta, Benelli)

Patch holder - a club biker

Spots - Patches are sewed onto a jacket or shirt to represent a club, brand or something like that of note.

Pavement browsing (PS) - becoming tossed from your bike and skidding across the highway.

PCV - Good Crank Ventilation. Vents crankcase vapors to the intake manifold to manage pollution.

Ped boi - (Uk term) A chav on 2-wheels/a hoodie driving a moped. Usually with a noisy spannie and utilizing the pillion pegs rather than the footboard, ped bois are often to be found in packs in McDonalds carparks.

Pegging or even to Peg Someone - This is when one rider pushes a handicapped M/C and rider due to their M/C using their knee making use of their base from the handicapped M/C's rear base peg or axle - hence the word Pegging or even Peg some body.

Individual electric automobile (PEV) - PEVs tend to be completely electric automobiles – usually a motorcycle or scooter – designed to transport an individual traveler over brief distances. They offer a few potential benefits, including lower transportation and fuel costs and paid off environmental influence. The eTV fleet includes a few PEVs: the Vectrix electric motorcycle, the Segway i2 plus the Zero S electric motorcycle.

Petcock - Fuel Valve. Petcock's may have several gasoline choices such as for instance: OFF, ON, RESERVE and PRIME.

PhD - A self-paced learning system created by Harley-Davidson to help keep professional dealership professionals existing.

Pillion (or ballast). 1. Motorcycle passenger (in the back seat). 2. chiefly Uk : a motorcycle or bike saddle for a passenger.

Pillion Pad- a tiny chair attached to the back fender of a motorcycle to deliver sitting for a passenger.

Pinched - acquired by the police

Pin It - To open the throttle wide open.

Pipes - Exhaust System.

Pisspot – an antique open faced helmet often favoured by people who own vintage British motorcycles.

Piston Caliper (single/double/four/six) - For disk brakes, the caliper holds the abrasive brake shields so that they take either side of the braking system disc. The quantity o fhydraulic pistons in the caliper that squeeze the pads from the disc causing braking associated with the disk's rotation.

Pistons - The slugs upgrading and down within the motor cylinders.

Pit - a specified area where makeshift garages are setup to perform upkeep on race-entered motorcycles happens. In which the rushing teams park their particular vehicles and establish makeshift garages to the office on the bikes and household the riders.

Pit Crew - Mechanics as well as assistants.

Pit Board- a big indication an auto mechanic writes on and shows to his driver while he goes last. Pit board indications enables you to show a rider’s place, how long he’s forward or behind, to motivate him or even to remind him to inhale.

Pit Lane - A lane right beside the track familiar with enter and exit the race-track circuit and where upkeep happens prior to and during rehearse sessions and the race event.

Planetary gear - a gear driven by a central sunshine gear or crownwheel.

Synthetic riders (just like R.U.B.'s) - describes brand-new bikers who possess visited their particular regional bike store, pulled away their particular plastic bank cards and bought everything amazing - a mega bike and all kit.

Vinyl Great - Sports bike, 'cause these are typically synthetic plus the riders believe these are generally fantastic.

Plastic Maggot - (1) Honda CX500 (Britain) (2) Honda PC800 (United States) .

Have fun with the Clutch - utilization of partially involved clutch.

PLP - Acronym - Parking Lot Application

Plugs - Spark Plugs

Plugs also cold - a connect that doesn't have a hot adequate spark to burn down carbon build up and certainly will foul.

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