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According to price Helper, the price for a single-coat synthetic enamel paint work ranges from $300 to $900, with about $566. A mid-level paint work with a higher-quality paint and extra prep work like getting rid of rust and dents can range from $1, 000 to $3, 500 with typically $1, 316. For a high-quality paint work drivers reported spending between $2, 400 and $7, 500, with an average price of about $5, 000.

Kuehn says the average price he charges to totally color a vehicle is between $600 and $1, 000, that he claims is below the nationwide average. He claims many full paint jobs cost around $2, 000. Kuehn says car painting is less expensive at his store, in part, given that it’s a competitive company in southern Arizona, where in fact the sunlight damages vehicle paint quicker. Kuehn says prices differ with respect to the paint color therefore the vehicle’s dimensions. The price tag on the complete paint work additionally is dependent on colour made use of. Like, a gallon of white paint might cost $100, while purple might cost $250, Kuehn says.

For smaller jobs, such a bumper-to-bumper rushing stripe, Kuehn claims he charges between $150 and $200.

Frost says their company offers four types of paint jobs. Costs differ significantly, with regards to the one you decide on.

• a fundamental paint task includes a single-stage enamel paint regularly refresh the vehicle’s appearance. It comes down with a one-year guarantee and provides the vehicle a pleasant gloss with a precise color match, Frost claims.

• a preferred paint work is a single-stage application utilizing urethane paint. It’s more resistant than enamel finishes and includes a three-year warranty, Frost says.

• reduced paint work is a two-stage application that includes a shiny finish, color match and urethane sealer. It comes down with a five-year guarantee.

• A platinum paint job includes light chip and scrape repair, priming and block sanding every area, and a urethane sealer. Moreover it is sold with a five-year warranty.

Frost says their rates begin at $299 for a fundamental work, or more to $3, 000 for a premium show-car-quality finish, including the full wet sand and buff. He adds the base coating clearcoat offerings, that are the main premium and platinum packages the business offers, begin at about $1, 200.

“Prices are affected by location, human body work needed, if base coats and obvious coats are selected and much more, ” Frost states. “All Maaco paint jobs are equal in high quality, but there's two items that differ involving the a lot of different paint tasks we provide: longevity of paint and look of paint and whether or not it’s gloss, shade match or metallic.”

“We‘ve [had] small place paint needs on automobiles, including small scratches and dents to bumpers, hoods and side-view mirrors, ” Frost states. “We can’t provide the average cost for those area jobs as the costs vary so much in line with the specific needs for the repair.”

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