Iwata Big Mouth Airbrush

Badger Airbrush bottles

Please keep in mind that these things aren't part of the Badger Airbrush Delivery Price system.
Free delivery on purchases of $150 or more
($9.95 otherwise inside reduced 48 American; $35 minimum order: click "purchase Information", for any other choices.) Visit Price Button to Order

Heavy-Duty Braided Air Hose

Durable plastic atmosphere hose in braided fibre "housing". Swivel link for airbrush at one end and different air source connector suitable at opposing end.

brand new from Badger!

1/8" Femal to 1/4" Male Adapter
Produced from Stainless-steel
This can transform a 1/8" to 1/4" Compressor / Hose Adapter

99 50-052 Adapter 1/8" to 1/4"

Bottles and Adapters

99 50308 Bottle Adapter Quick blast (for 350 airbrush only)

Double Airbrush Holder

Holds two airbrushes of every make or design. Allows easy access towards airbrushes; removes dropping of airbrush and paint spills. Clamps firmly to any drafting table or taboret edge (up to 2" 5cm dense). (#125)
99 125 Dual Airbrush Holder

Regdab NEEDLE JUICE Airbrush Lubricant

Enhances smooth trigger action and removes needle rubbing because of dry paint build up (# 122).

99 122 Lubricant, airbrush

Full Airbrush Repair System

Most of the resources, applicators and "gadgets" essential to maintain your airbrush in "like brand-new" condition!

Add Years towards lifetime of any airbrush

KIT ITEMS: Dis-assembley Tray, Small-part Holding Tubs(2), Role Inspection Magnifying Lens, Needle De-burring File, Needle Polishing Paper, Needle Cleansing Buffer Pad, Colors Cup Cleansing Pads(6), Precision Aim Cleaning Swabs(10), Different Crevice Application/Cleaning Tools(6), 2oz Multi-Purpose Soap, Nozzle Protecting Grip Cap, Spare Valve O-ring, Spare Head Seal, Tread Sealant, 1oz Needle Juice, Valve Allen Wrench, Instruction Guide.

99 CMK-0116 Complete Airbrush Repair Kit

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