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Tips on How to Use an Airbrush

The term "airbrushing" might sound like something that needs a shot of paint thinner or something, but this is actually an airbrush that is used for painting small, detail oriented areas. The brush head actually looks much like the brush that is used in a vacuum cleaner. There are only two basic types of airbrushes: brush type and spray. The brush type is used for detailed work and uses multiple brushes to do so. The smaller the area to be painted, the more the number of brushes will be. When a large area is being painted, the multiple brushes will have to be sized appropriately.

Spray is used for general purpose spraying and is generally used for small areas of painting. You need to have the airbrush at a full open tilt when you are spraying the spray on to your model. You can also increase the power of the airbrush to spray larger areas. For detailed work you will need to use the brush type and spray on a small range of angles and height. This is where the airbrush power comes into play. Do not let your airbrush become too powerful as this can lead to excessive spraying. However, remember that the larger areas you are spraying the more control you will have.

All of the airbrushes are powered by one or more small electrical motors. Most of them can handle at least two amps of power and many can handle ten amps. Make sure you read the manual before you go flying with your airbrush. There are various types of airbrushes to choose from, so make sure you pick one that is going to be right for your needs. Airbrushing can be used for both indoor painting as well as outdoor painting.

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