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Skull Stencils for Airbrush

imageBy Mike Lavallee

Perhaps you have must decorate skulls but simply couldn’t very get them to look appropriate? Here’s the clear answer to the issue: My brand-new Signature Series Freehand® Airbrush Templates from Artool Products Co., BoneHeadz and HotHeadz—plus a couple of important techniques to develop awesome skulls!

I’ve seen folks use many skull templates before, and for the many component, they’re maybe not used precisely or many airbrushers will likely not achieve the outcome they’re after. I’ve also seen where people have only laid the template down and sprayed around all of them and labeled as their task done…NOT!

I’ll show you in this demo the way I use my new Artool BoneHeadz Airbrush Templates to achieve a realistic pile of human skulls on a motorcycle fender. BTW these same techniques work just as well with the Artool lineup of the Craig Fraser designed Skullmasters. Hey, you can never have enough kewl skulls!

imageThis kustom work I happened to be painting needed numerous skulls coated in a dark gloomy mood—all in vegetables. They even needed to be wrapped in a maze of tree roots and an eerie ‘n smoky haze. My brand new Artool BoneHeadz Freehand Airbrush Templates had been the perfect option for the anatomically proper choose the skulls I became after. With this part of the bicycle I’ll use the “EIGHT 8 DEAD” Artool Template from the BoneHeadz collection.image you can easily both partly separate the skulls or leave all of them whole dependent on the manner in which you wish to paint all of them I decided to keep them whole since they fit completely from the lower rear area of the pre-scuffed fender. Think of these templates as your layout design. I’ve done the work to focus on performing the fun stuff! Okay, let’s begin.

Picture 1: You can see where I’ve taped a BoneHeadz Template to wrap-around the fender.

Photo 2: when i sprayed a light layer of black base layer. I actually do this so I can easily see where I’ll want to spray my next color, and, now, make use of it just as a guide.

Photo 3: you can view exactly what it seems like at this point. Note: normally where I see folks making their skull just work at when utilizing skull templates.image only wait to check out what you can really do together!

Photo 4: today the severe fun begins! I’ve taken a mixture of moss green and some white and sprayed the large aspects of the skull gathering shape and kind towards top of your head, jaw bone, cheeks and eyebrows. You'll be able to see in which I’ve highlighted some hotspots with a brighter shot of my color. (Don’t stress in the event that you find some color throughout the black you just painted because we’ll be returning over that later). In addition sprayed some of the color-mixture on the back ground around some of my skulls. You’ll realise why in Photo 5.

image image image image

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