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HelmetsEvery little bit of armour offered through this category is stated in the historic area of Bohemia and Moravia (Czech Republic) plus in other europe where in actuality the art of medieval armour-plate generating features very long and proud tradition. Matches of armour, gauntlets, helmets, cuirasses or other components of plate armour are custom-made to match your requitements. That is possible because our Wulflund group cooperates straight with this armour producers. Our direct and respected interactions with armourers leads to the competitive rates that we offer for your requirements.

Our armour is fully functional for reenacting (battle ready), it isn't only a household decoration. Whilst the armour is custom-made some patience whilst it is forged would be valued, like it requires cca 2 - four weeks to produce a custom helmet. It is essential for people to understand all measurements (eg. even mind circumference throughout the forehead). Contact our knowlegeable team who'll show you through the process to provide you with the bespoke fit of armour, helmet or shield that you need.

Materials used include metal dish, metal or bronze. We also use iron, softer steel and copper rivets. Quality fabric straps and duration proper buckles tend to be standard.

Typical dish width: 1.0mm, 1.5mm and 2mm (Note: should your demands tend to be outside this provide us with details to make certain a truly bespoke solution).

Historical Helmets - Celtic Helmets (Iron Age Helmets), Roman and Greek Helmets, Viking and Norman Helmets, Medieval Helmets (sallets, pig face basinet helmets, visor helmets, pot helmets an such like), Hussar Helmets (Winged Hussars of Poland), Japanese Helmets, helmets with riveted chainmail aventails plus.

just how to determine suit of ArmourHelmets are often made of sheet metallic with a thickness of 1.0mm, 1.5mm or 2 mm plate. 80% associated with the population suits to the periphery 58cm to 60 cm mind circumference, but we attempt to maintain a healthy and balanced stock of most sizes of all of the helmets. Helmets are made to purchase, therefore make use of this choice and reveal the head measurements, prior to the figure. Constantly are the specific circumference of head and details about everything put on underneath the helmet (eg. cushioned cap). Unless you already very own padding, we are able to suggest a padded arming limit to purchase from our menu.

Helmets need similar treatment to swords, chainmail etc. After struggle have them in a dry environment and keep lightly oiled.

Unless you are interested to buy full fit of armour now, you are able to do it detailed. For this specific purpose we've opened our category of Armor components

Steel Gauntlets, Greaves, Iron Vambraces, Gorgets, Pauldrons, Couters, Tassets, Breastplates, Poleyns (for knees), Cuisse, Besagews, Lance Rests and more.

HMB - armor, body defense [magnify]

This category gives you an opportunity to buy quality fabric armour (Viking, Medieval, Renaissance re-enactment or Fantasy/LARP). We a sizable provide of bracers that can be hand-carved (in addition custom-made to suit a photo that you might want to send us by mail) or embellished by different rocks or talismans. Like: we produce leather-based swordsman's gloves with arm protectors to match Viking reenactors.

We now have an array of matches of armour or individual pieces (helmets, cuirasses, bracers, protection for arms and legs, etc.) for medieval contact combat (HMB, Buhurt/melee). Each client has actually particular requirements for defense and historic reliability, therefore just consider the items we currently provide as a starting point: we're going to happily take orders for bespoke pieces.

Our chain-mail Armour (maille, usually written as chain-mail or sequence maille) belongs to the custom-made products group. Our offer of maille comprises: chain mail shirt - hauberk, chain-mail coif, chain-mail gorget and rings/rivets.

Are you interested in residing history? Yes? Try our wooden fabric Celtic or Viking shields, it is top product which owns for example University of Sorbona. For Historical Medieval Battles (HMB) fighters there are additionally ideal material (iron or metal) gothic dish battle-ready shields. We in addition provide completely useful wood gothic and viking re-enactment shields, iron shield employers or other leather-covered wood shields (for instance - Roman gladiator shields).

Iron and wooden battle prepared Medieval shields, coated attractive shields, Viking round shields, pavises, wooden Shields and fist shields.

JV Armoury is recognized as by many people men and women as one of the most expert armoury within the Czech Republic and in European countries. In present times there are truly very few armourers who will be specialized in genuine production like in the old times. Technologies of cold-working and heat-forging are utilized. Metallic plates tend to be curved and never hammered into "bowls", so that the depth for the material is preserved. All helmets and armour components tend to be tailor made and now we esteem the customer's certain demands. After placing an order you will end up informed how to determine, and we will agree with all details incl. delivery times. Production of JV armoury is bound, and an emphasis regarding the highest quality is maintained.

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