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Custom paint designs

Therefore, American heritage footwear brand name Florsheim decided their particular custom shoe program would pair customers with self-taught singer Ben Smith to create footwear that’s both elegant and one-of-a-kind. Here’s how it operates:

Very first, you choose a shoe from Florsheim collection. Then you definitely consult with Smith via cam or phone to modify any and every area of the footwear, such as the sole.

It is possible to explain specific designs or a more abstract idea and allow Smith get innovative. After that you’ll obtain an electronic rendering for approval before Smith hand-paints your shoes with especially created acrylic paint that won’t processor chip, fade, or put on off the fabric.

When testing this system, We decided on black wingtips along with Smith place a topographic chart of my hometown—St. Louis—on the left shoe’s vamp with a corresponding chart of brand new York City regarding right (pictured above).

The Florsheim+Ben Smith collaboration would be available beginning November 30 at florsheimshoes.com. Costs begin at $700, depending on the complexity regarding the design, plus custom shoes will show up about two to a month after assessment.

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