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Your help guide to Buying an Airbrush for Model Kit BuildingThe important thing to keep in mind when purchasing an airbrush for design kit building is all airbrushes aren't intended to handle paint. An illustrator's airbrush, featuring its exceedingly fine recommendations and nozzles, is perfect for inks, and clog if acrylic or enamel shows are utilized with it. Avoid this choice. Happily, considering that the modeller's airbrushes are more economical, this very first sensible choice thereby ensures saving adequate cash.

Some modellers utilize one airbrush; some have actually several, each of that has its favored uses. Whether picking one more airbrush or an initial airbrush, problems is considered include perhaps the brush has solitary- or double-action; a gravity or siphon feed; an inside or exterior mix; and just what dimensions nozzle and needle combo is required. Modellers' airbrushes can be found on eBay and might be purchased singly or in kits such as the necessary compressor and all required accessories.

Key Factors in Choosing an Airbrush

Modellers choosing airbrushes look initially at the way the airbrush manages. Including a number of dilemmas regarding how the airbrush is managed, exactly how paint nourishes into and out of the airbrush, and exactly what size nozzle and needle combo offers the most readily useful result the desired item.

Single-Action or Double-Action

Initial choice in variety of an airbrush is whether it is a single-action or double-action airbrush. The activity of an airbrush refers to how airflow and paint amount are managed.

The trigger in a single-action airbrush controls just the airflow. The paint movement is separately controlled by modifying the needle depth within the nozzle, which is typically by adjusting a screw at the rear of the airbrush. Whenever a heavier or lighter paint flow is necessary, an individual must end to regulate the screw. The opposing advantage is the fact that these airbrushes are simpler to learn how to make use of and keep maintaining.

The trigger in a double-action airbrush manages airflow and paint volume. Whenever trigger is pressed down, it increases the airflow, in the same way it can in the single-action airbrush. But once the trigger is taken right back, it triggers paint to begin moving. The additional the trigger is drawn, the more paint flows. This means that when making use of a double-action airbrush, the paint circulation may be continuously modified. Handling the 2 actions as well takes practise, therefore the understanding bend for a double-action airbrush is a little longer.

Gravity Feed or Siphon Feed

The following important decision is how the paint is provided to the airbrush. A gravity feed airbrush features a paint cup at the very top or part that keeps the paint. Gravity attracts the paint downward in to the atomizing chamber. A siphon feed airbrush has a bottle or other container below the airbrush, linked by a tube towards the blending chamber. As air blows over the the top of tube, it attracts paint within the tube, as up a siphon, into the chamber is atomized and dispersed.

Gravity feed airbrushes require lower environment pressures additionally hold small amounts of paint. The lower environment pressures are a bonus whenever painting fine outlines on designs because they make it easier to prevent overspray. Siphon feed airbrushes hold larger paint quantities and this can be advantageous for painting large designs, such as for instance plane companies. Some whom operate in acrylic paint in addition favor a siphon feed because of the speed with which acrylic paint can dry within the gravity feed glass. A cap the cup is another option if a gravity feed airbrush may be the user's general choice.

There's no right or incorrect cup size. Options change from 0.9 ml to 15 ml, with containers for siphon fed models somewhat bigger. The very best dimensions for a modeller is the dimensions they're comfortable dealing with.

Internal or External Blend

The "mix" in an airbrush refers to the area in which paint and air tend to be mixed and atomized for spraying. In an inside blend airbrush, the paint is atomized in the airbrush. Additional combine airbrushes will not have paint go into the body regarding the airbrush. Paint moving over the outside the airbrush is atomized when it hits the airstream nearby the nozzle. The final made by interior blend airbrushes is usually finer and smoother, making these brushes the most common chosen modellers.

Just the right Size Nozzle and Needle

Very first things initially: a small needle and nozzle doesn't guarantee a fine line. Indeed, utilizing acrylic or enamel paints into the small needles and nozzles made for illustrators' ink is guaranteed to block the good ideas. An airbrush's needle and tips are much just like the nozzles of a garden hose pipe. Also a quick squat one that's designed to deliver squirt over a broad region has actually a small area nearby the tip in which a rushing narrow spray appears. A lengthy nozzle provides a generally narrower spray also much further from the tip.

Suitable nozzle and needle combo for a certain modeller is something that emerges with time as he or she techniques because of the airbrush and learns utilizing it. One modeller's inclination to your workplace incredibly close contributes to a particular choice; another modeller who prefers to work farther right back ends up making another choice. Neither option is incorrect provided it creates the outcomes the modeller desires.

Airbrush Versions to think about

With several airbrush designs available, several tend to be referenced numerous times by military design painters. They feature those who work in the dining table below.


Cup Size (ml)

Nozzle Sizes; Pattern Detail (mm)

Practical Detail


2.5 - 12; also siphon containers

0.3 - 0.7; NA

Single or double supplied; people report that appropriate daily circulation needs soaking detachable tips in thinner in a single day

£ - ££

NA- siphon fed


Single-action; siphon feed

2 and 5

0.2 and 04; NA

Dual activity; people recommend it for military design painting


0.5; 0.5 - 38

Dual-action, internal mix, gravity fed, can be utilized with solvent-based paints

9 and 1.8

0.35; good to medium detail

Dual-action, internal blend, gravity-fed; atmosphere pressure between 5 and 35 psi

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