Dinair airbrush makeup kit

Professional Airbrush compressor

Expert high quality all-in-one airbrush system. Everything you need to start a project: compressor, airbrush, colors, adapter caps, DVD, cleaner. Exclusive for Utrecht consumers by Iwata, leader in airbrushing.

Built by Iwata exclusively for Utrecht consumers, this airbrush system includes all of the expert high quality gear and products you ought to begin an airbrushing task. This airbrushing ready is perfect for acrylic, watercolor and ink on fabric, report or fabrics.

Professional Airbrush Kit includes:

  • 1 Smart Jet Compressor, a robust, small, trustworthy, zero upkeep, peaceful air compressor that's perfect for general airbrush applications. Features Iwata's Smart Jet Tech which:
  • Creates less heat-related moisture build-up
  • Produces full-capacity air on demand
  • Reduces running time
  • stretches compressor life through less motor use
  • is inherently less noisy in public conditions
  • 1 Eclipse HP-BCS airbrush - a standard for high-performing, general-purpose, high-paint-flow airbrushes that is perfect for high detail work
  • Airbrush From Scratch instructional DVD
  • 1 Artool Freehand Template (FH-1) - handheld, makes masking lots of forms easy
  • 10 1 oz containers of various Com-Art colors

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