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Copic Airbrush compressor

Nearly all you out there already have a compressor, or your companion owns a compressor. How could you make use of that compressor utilizing the Copic Airbrush program which means you don't need to hold purchasing small cans of environment? I have numerous concerns "I have this compressor and I'd always put it to use with my Copics, just what do I need?" Hopefully these days's post will clear that up.

Just to put it in perspective, there are many environment compressors on the market for approximately $100 that could assist the Copic system. An Aircan 180 prices about $14, if you find yourself going through above four to five Aircan 180's you are probably a beneficial applicant for a compressor. You'll save cash and environment (though aircans may be recycled) by maybe not purchasing cans all the time.

Firstly, to work with any compressor you'll need an ABS 3 or the parts that equal an ABS 3: an environment grip and an environment adaptor. For those who have an ABS 1 then you definitely have actually those components, if you have an ABS 2, then you just need to get the air adaptor. Then you need to take into consideration the next qualities-

If you curently have a compressor:
1. PSI- most important. Your compressor has to go-between 40-60 psi. (some little compressors only visit 35 psi and I've been aware of individuals who do fine with those).

2. Fittings- The Copic Airbrush system operates on a standard European 1/8" suitable which found on Iwata or Sparmax compressors. Whatever compressor you have has to either match our accessories or you'll need to find somewhat adaptor bolt. For most labels of art compressors (Badger, Paasche, etc.) there is slightly adaptor bolt at under $5 from the knowledgable individuals at Dixie Art . If you don't understand your compressor brand name or it is exact hose installing size it's much harder to find an adaptor (over the telephone or email I'm not much assistance either, since you will find way too many brands on the market). You'd want to talk to a hose fitting distributor (like a commercial ice box store) to learn things you need.

3. Correct hose- The hose which comes in an ABS-1 is actually for aircans ONLY. It will not utilize a compressor. Make certain you have actually a hose which will make use of our bodies and your compressor. The Copic 1/8 to 1/8" hose pipe is what we use for compressors, but ensure that you have a correct fitting for your compressor (2).

When buying a compressor, what to try to find:
1. Most of the overhead. Some compressors incorporate a hose, some never. Some will fit our system without any adaptors, some never. Ensure that the PSI is great. We like systems with a moisture pitfall but you don't necissarily need one.

2. Cost. Compressors include about $100 to $1000 or even more. There are several used art environment compressors including new ones. The atmosphere compressor we sell at Copic operates about $200 retail, but it includes a truly great airhose, therefore figure the hose in the rates aswell.

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