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Artool Flame-O-Rama 2 Airbrush TemplatesHyatt's carries the entire type of Artool Airbrush Templates including Mini, Nano and Freehand Series.

Kindly choose a subcategory below.

Artool Mini Series Freehand Airbrush Templates are perfect 1/8, 1/10 and 1/12th design scales and so are ideal for RC vehicles, model airplanes and trains, model vehicles and kits, figure designs, human anatomy art and a variety of niche auto programs!

Artool Nano Series Freehand Airbrush Templates may be used to make photos on smalles jobs, particularly the RC vehicle marketplace, 1/8 to 1/25 scale designs and diecast customs.

Artool Essentails 7 Freehand Airbrush Templates are crucial tools for creating natural, freehand Airbrush results.

Artool Flame Master Freehand Airbrush Templates tend to be a good way to Airbrush fire onto any surface!

Use the Artool Flame-O-Rama Freehand Airbrush Templates by Craig Fraser to Airbrush hot flame results!

Use the Artool Flame-O-Rama 2 Freehand Airbrush Templates by Craig Fraser for a protracted range of hot fire results.

The Artool FXII Freehand Airbrush Template Series provides the following Templates: FXII8 confused, FXII9 Nut N'Boltz, FXII10 Gear Head, FXII11 Dolla' Bill, FXII12 Dragon body, FXII13 The Blob.

The Artool Kanji Master Freehand Airbrush Template Series by Dennis Mathewson feature designs from the Far East, including creatures and icons from Japan’s rich and fables history.

Artool FXII Airbrush TemplatesThe Artool Kulture Freehand Airbrush Template Series contains Flyballz, Aces N’Eights, Pistons N’Plugs, Sacred Heart, happy 7, and Martini Time.

Artool Kustom FX Freehand Airbrush Templates show by Craig Fraser support the following: FHKFX1: Tiki Madness, FHKFX2: Bullet Ridden, FHKFX3: Cheetah-Pimp, FHKFX4: Diamond Plate, FHKFX5: Cloud-9, and FHKFX6: Brainiac. Make use of these Templates to Airbrush a variety of special impacts.

Artool Kustom FX3 Freehand Templates by Craig Fraser tend to be hand drawn to insure the greatest styles & most original principles. The Kustom FX3 Series includes: Glyphs, Unchained, Cyberspace, Blades, Musika, and Barby Templates.

Artool Kustom FX4 Freehand Templates by Craig Fraser series include: Classic Camo, Digital Camo, Wrenched, Fronds, Sraeg, and Gator.

The Artool Master Series Freehand Templates tend to be a set of universal shields capable to answer any combo you might require.

The Artool Match Makers Series Freehand Templates are a couple of four interlacing positive and negative forms ideal for airbrushing tresses, smoke, vegetation as well as other unique impacts.

Show your United states pleasure using this collection of Artool Patriotica Freehand Airbrush Templates. These solvent proof Templates can be simply flexed or curved around irregular shaped surfaces and cleaned with solvents without damage.

Artool Kanji Airbrush TemplatesThe Artool Pin-Up Shield Airbrush Template by Edward Reed may be the ultimate template that conforms perfectly to anatomical curvature and it is an excellent addition to virtually any artist’s case of tricks.

Craig Fraser's Piracy Airbrush Template Set includes 'Tell No Tales', 'Jolly Rodger', 'O Cursed', 'Tortuga', 'Flyin Dutchman', and 'Pieces of Eight'. Each template steps 8x10 and it is quickly used with water-based and solvent-based shows.

Deborah Mahan's Sailor Girlies Artool Freehand Airbrush Template Set was motivated by ol' skool Sailor Jerry tatts. Sailor Jerry single-handedly changed the look of United states tattoos.

The Artool Skullmaster Airbrush Templates will allow you to have the ability to spray perfect anatomically correct skulls with one deft swing.

Artool Son of Skullmaster Airbrush Templates provides you with another group of special and creepy skull themes.

The Artool Curse of Skullmaster Airbrush Templates tend to be another sequel towards the already sequeled, Skull Master series.

The complete group of Wrath of Skullmaster from Craig Fraser includes: Mr. Potato Bonz, Mr. Potato Bonz Stuph #1, Mr. Potato Bonz Stuph #2, burial-ground, Kalaveras, and Bonz III.

Artool Kustom FX Airbrush TemplatesArtool Horror of Skullmaster could be the new show when you look at the Skullmaster range These Templates feature realistic skulls.

The Tiki Master Freehand Airbrush Templates offer six various Templates with a variety of Tiki style!

Within Artool® Tiki Master II Series, not only would you get some good fun new Tiki styles to do business with, but you'll in addition enjoy extra unique images of Hawaii - like lei plants and some lovely positions of hula maidens. Just what would paradise be without hula girls and flowers? Provide your artwork a tropical twist, guaranteed to put you in to the spirit of aloha!

The Artool Tribal Master Set includes Tribalnometry and Cirque du Trible, containing 42 separate Templates. Created by Steve Vandemon, the Tribalnometry forms are linear and certainly will be reproduced to lengthy'n right places or curve all of them around bicycle tanks, fenders, and irregularly formed areas, for thousands of tribal types and groups.

Gerald Mendez's Texture FX Airbrush Template Set includes 'Organic', 'Master', and 'Cosmic' templates. Artools Airbrush Templates are manufactured with exacting laser-cut accuracy, and simply used in combination with water-based and solvent-based shows. Themes measure 8.5x11 in size.

Mike Lavallee chose to work with Artool® to generate an original group of Templates for practical flames: REAL FIRE®. He designed these themes to aid produce their REAL FIRE® result. With an art blade, simply cut the small connecting track of each TRUE FIRE® template to reveal 18 positive/negative shapes and you're all set to operate.

The Artool Wave Freehand Airbrush Templates are used for wave applications, plus mvirtually any airbrushing techniques with its unique shapes and contours.

Artool Wired Freehand Airbrush Templates may be pertains on most surfaces: flat-panel artwork, motorcycle tanks, fenders and helmets (any compound bend), competition boats, motor homes, trailers… it is limitless!

Why spider stencils? Why don't you!? People have been frightened and interested in spiders as long as there have been individuals! Artool Spider Master is a straightforward three-stencil offering: SPIDERZ (FH SM 1), ARACHNOPHOBIA (FH SM 2) and WIDOW MAKER (FH SM 3) or by the ready (FH SM 4).

The stencils provided within tend to be resplendent with all the retro technical treats that you'd ever have to produce any Neo-Victorian contraptions (genuine and imaginary). Whether it's a fashion accessory, or a graphic accoutrement for your technical vehicle, the Artool Steampunk FX Freehand Airbrush Templates are a certain positive addition towards continuously growing template collection.

Artool BONEHEADZ Freehand Airbrush Templates by Mike Lavallee are fresh from the grave. There are two units of BONEHEADZ to pick from, that incorporate 4 sizes in SM through XLG: CRANIUM (FH BH 1), SCREAMERS (FH BH 2) and EIGHT8DEAD (FH BH 3). These practical skulls emphasize a myriad of angles, dimensions and actively seeks any skullicious project you can conjure up!

Get Artool HOTHEADZ Freehand Airbrush Templates, designed by Mike Lavallee, while their particular hot. There are two units of HOTHEADZ to choose from, which contain 4 sizes in S through XLG: SMOKIN JOES (FH HH 1), and HELL RIDERS (FH HH 2).

Artool Kustom FX3 Airbrush Templates Artool Kustom FX4 Airbrush Templates Artool Masters Series Airbrush Templates Artool Patriotica Airbrush Templates

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