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These pages details the many things with original enchantments available for purchase or finding in Oblivion, including some faction particular sets of armor that will simply be present various particular locations. Original staves tend to be perhaps not included right here; all special staves are noted on the Staves article.

* The Mace of Doom is a bladed weapon; deploying it increases your blade skill. But resembles an Ebony Mace. Additionally, it doesn't have an icon inside inventory (a green or brown square is perhaps all which presented, perhaps using enchanted "orb" symbolization).
** Redwave is technically a leveled product, but since all 7 variations of it tend to be exactly alike, it's for all useful reasons an original product, since about by appearances oahu is the same aside from your degree.

*** The empty Fatigue enchantment on Sinweaver does not have any timeframe, and so no effect on its target.

* The Bands of Kwang Lao and the groups regarding the preferred are actually bracers instead of gauntlets, but since they will be used in the place of gauntlets, the distinction is educational.

*When you drop the Monkeypants, they appear as Gauntlets, not Greaves.

Groups of Kwang Lao
000C47B1 Light Bracers* 1.5 80 2005 1.0 Fortify Hand-to-hand 20pts In Branwen and Saliith's upper body within the Arena District.
You can easily either pickpocket the key that unlocks the chest from Branwen or select the lock your self. Rings associated with Chosen
0003C803 Light Bracers* 2 50 0 1.0 Weakness to Fire 50percent You acquire the Bands associated with the preferred from Kathutet throughout the haven pursuit, in which you must provide the bracers to be able to enter the Forbidden Grotto. Once prepared, the bracers lock around your wrists and should not be eliminated, except with Eldamil's assistance. Fists associated with Drunkard
000CA11A Heavy Gauntlets 6 300 4400 5.0 Fortify Strength 5pts
Fortify Endurance 5pts
Drain Intelligence 5pts
Drain Willpower 5pts These gauntlets look like Pit Gloves (a set of light gauntlets just based in the CS), but are hefty versus light. The Fists' armor rating is the same as Dwarven Gauntlets, nevertheless they have actually 100 less health insurance and weigh 2 weight less than Dwarven Gauntlets. Gauntlets of Gluttony
000CA11C Heavy Gauntlets 9 800 4900 5.0 Fortify Strength 15pts
Empty wellness 30pts Because a likely coding bug, these gauntlets appear as Orcish gauntlets when equipped, but as Iron gauntlets within stock and on the bottom. Fingers of Midnight
00082DDF Light Gauntlets 1.5 80 4660 2.5 Chameleon 10pts
Fortify Hand-to-hand 10pts
Resist Typical Weapons 10pts
Sunlight Damage 30pts Hands associated with the Atronach
000CA118 Heavy Gauntlets 10.5 800 7000 7.0 Resist Fire 20pts
Resist Frost 20pts
Resist Shock 20pts Rasheda's Unique
000CA114 Heavy Gauntlets 7 900 3600 4.5 Fortify power 5pts
Fortify Armorer 5pts Ebony Hand Hood
000651D3 1.0 0 Fortify Blade 4pts
Fortify Illusion 4pts
Fortify Marksman 4pts
Fortify Sneak 4pts
Fortify Speechcraft 4pts Directed at you while marketed to Speaker regarding the Ebony give, combined with robes. One can be stolen through the houses of both J'Ghasta and Alval Uvani. It can also be gotten from Lucien Lachance, should you prefer to destroy him after very first meeting with him, or looted from the lifeless members of the Ebony Hand after the Dark Brotherhood pursuit line. Councilor's Hood
000CA12C 1.5 2475 Fortify Speechcraft 10pts
Resist Poison 25pts Maybe not available.

Skjorta at Nord Winds, Bruma
The Councilor's Hood's container is improperly attributed to S'Krivva when you look at the Oblivion construction set, and for that reason just isn't actually available in the market.

Cowl of Druid
000CA121 1 3800 Empty Blade 10pts
Detect lifetime 40ft
Fortify Marksman 5pts
Fortify Alchemy 5pts Borba gra-Uzgash at Borba's Goods and Stores, Cheydinhal

The Fortify Alchemy enchantment features absolutely no impact, considering it not implemented as an ability.

In the event that you fall the Cowl of Druid, it seems as a robe, although you use it as a hood. Mantle of the Woodsman
000CA129 1 2500 Empty energy 5pts
Empty Endurance 5pts
Fortify Speed 5pts
Fortify Alchemy 5pts Ogier Georick during the Principal Ingredient, Imperial City Marketplace District

(note that your Mercantile base skill needs to be at least 50 to buy this; without the Journeyman-level Mercantile perk, Ogier cannot sell garments)

Veil of Seer
000CA124 1.5 3800 Detect Lifetime 60 foot
Fortify Willpower 5pts Maybe not easily available.

Edgar Vautrine at Edgar's Discount Spells, Imperial City Market District
No Barter option is available for Edgar Vautrine, which means product may not be bought from him.

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