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Badass motorcycles

Several designers in partnership with a couple of bike shops in Switzerland set out to show that electric motorcycles might be “badass” but “outrageous performance”. I’d believe Zero Motorcycles seem to be pretty badass, but sure let’s see what they got…

They produced a company labeled as ‘Zvexx Motorbike’ and created Zvexx, a fierce-looking all-electric torque machine.

They furnished the cycle with 26 lithium-ion battery cells for an overall total battery power ability of 13 kwh. Zvexx says it can allow to 150 km (93 miles) of range.

But Zvexx is certainly not about range, it's about overall performance. Here are some specs the business claims its customized electric drivetrain allows:

  • This drivetrain provides 1218 N-m of torque right from zero rpm!
  • This kind of torque may bring the bicycle from 0 to 80 km/h in about 3 seconds (355 kgs cycle incl. driver and 334 mm tire distance)
  • This power pack can provide more than 600 amps at 96 volts nominal

Here’s a gallery of the bike:

Their particular objective is certainly not always to create this cycle to production. These are generally testing water utilizing the debut associated with Zvexx:

“however for today, if you prefer it, you’ll have to develop one your self! This is basically the just totally signed up bicycle similar to this. It isn't an artist’s 3D rendering like we see too often, or a futuristic concept bicycle designed for automobile programs, never ever seeing the available road. Zvexx is a real cycle, with genuine mileage onto it. Actually, you may spot it on the way if you live inside Lake Geneva region in Switzerland.”

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