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Shoei 2017 graphics for X-Fourteen


KAGAYAMA5 TC-2, TC-5 – Yukio Kagayama features competed all over the globe and is however a fan favorite. Their cooperation with SHOEI started in the past within the 90’s which year SHOEI will present their 5th generation of replicas. MSRP $839.99

MARQUEZ4 TC-6 – this really is a fresh white/black colorway worldwide Champ’s racing graphic. MSRP $839.99

LAWSON TC-1 & RAINEY TC-1 – Back for a finite time just is two of the most significant SHOEI ambassadors of them all, Eddie Lawson & Wayne Rainey. SHOEI is pleased to honor these past champs by releasing their particular iconic battle layouts onto the modern brand new X-Fourteen. MSRP 9.99

Shoei 2017 layouts for X-FourteenLAVERTY TC-4 – Irishman Eugene Laverty was utilizing SHOEI helmets for over 10 years and this year their battle graphic will likely to be available to the general public. MSRP 9.99

ASSAIL TC-5 – This well-known graphic gets a black/grey colorway when it comes to 2017 period. MSRP $807.99


EXPANSE TC-4 – The EXPANSE series gets an innovative new green/black colorway the 2017 season. MSRP $670.99

DECADE TC-1 – This retro impressed graphic features the traditional style SHOEI logos and will can be found in increased gloss finish. MSRP $670.99

PENDULUM TC-1, TC-3, and TC-5 – the whole PENDULUM series exists in matte finish with high-vis colors that match the visual well. MSRP $670.99


FLAGGER TC-1, TC-2, and TC-3 – the whole FLAGGER show comes in a matte finish. Accented three well-known TC colorways, this visual will attract anyone’s taste. MSRP $589.99

PARAMETER TC-1, TC-2, TC-3, and TC-5 – The PARAMETER series will come in 4 various colorways to match many different gear/bike designs. This sporty looking visual additionally features some digital camouflage accents within the design. MSRP 9.99

Shoei 2017 pictures for X-FourteenVESSEL TC-5 – The VESSEL series gets a brand new white/black colorway when it comes to 2017 period. This matte finish design resembles an interstellar spacecraft. MSRP $589.99

INTENSE TC-7 – This quick and sporty design is offered in a high-gloss finish with bright pink accents. MSRP $589.99

RUTS TC-5, TC-6 – The RUTS series both are available a matte finish. Available in either black or white choices, this tough-looking design in addition features a skull regarding right-side of helmet. MSRP $589.99


NAVIGATE TC-3, TC-5, and TC-8 – Adventure touring never ever looked this great before. The NAVIGATE show is available in three sporty colorways to complement many different gear/bike types. The TC-3 & TC-5 tend to be matte finishes with a black base as well as the TC-8 is a high-gloss finish with a light silver base. MSRP $715.99


HECTIC TC-1, TC-2, TC-4, and TC-5 – the complete HECTIC series will come in a matte finish and available in 4 classic color choices to attract anyone’s bike/gear choice. This design features classic pin-striping accents. MSRP $613.99

Shoei 2017 illustrations for X-Fourteen Shoei 2017 images for X-Fourteen Shoei 2017 illustrations for X-Fourteen Shoei 2017 Graphics for GT-Air

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