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Customizable Helmets

By incorporating the coziness liner cushioning and TPU Cushioning, this unique crossbreed system provides the best of both globes in terms of fit and impact absorption. The black comfort liner features increased area protection for improved durability and feel, even though the blue TPU Cushioning System is made for much better effect absorption in crucial areas.

VN Foam features great impact consumption properties and provides increased level of comfort.

The Stallion 575 shell is constructed of a Polycarbonate (PCA) material, which is more powerful than the abdominal muscles material utilized in the Stallion 500 helmet.

The flexible EVA jaw pad incorporates TPU cushioning for impact consumption. The jaw pad is offered in numerous sizes for a customizable fit.

D3O is a complex, lightweight product with a unique molecular framework and can stay soft and versatile in its normal condition. Upon effect, but the particles in D3O lock collectively to absorb and disperse effect energy, before returning to its smooth, normal condition.

The SUREFIT AiR Liner is flexible (pump included) and provides an even more powerful fit, by placing the technology within the backside regarding the helmet. This enables it to make safer to the contours of the head.

Special molded design provides an added level of cushioning to get more defense.

The EPP lining provides constant protection through the entire helmet.

The abdominal muscles material found in the Stallion 100 includes effect modifiers in the plastic for additional strength.

The jaw pads incorporate TPU Cushioning for effect absorption. The jaw pad exists in multiple sizes for a customizable fit.

Integrated elastic straps provide for appropriate fit over a wide range of sizes.

The D30 happens to be coupled with additional EVA foam in the Stallion 650 to deliver added convenience, while keeping effect attenuation.

The Stallion 650 layer is made of a Polycarbonate (PCA) product, which can be more powerful than the ABS material used in the Stallion 500 helmet.

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