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Painting model cars with Airbrush

This text is certainly not a total training course on design automobile artwork. The object will be pass on to car modellers the treatments on the best way to airbrush with automotive shows. The guidelines use mostly to scale automobile models, but should be equally relevant elsewhere.

The reason why use automotive paint?

These paints reveal lots of benefits over the people made designed for modelling. Probably one of the most essential is their capability to produce extremely thin coats, that may leave all human body details crisp even with numerous applications. Regardless of their exceptional coverage and thickness, they dry to the touch virtually straight away and will be refined after a day. This fast drying time reduces to very nearly zero the chances of dirt adhesion toward coated area.

The colour palette is virtually unlimited. Automobile makers add brand-new tints on a yearly basis and also old tints will always readily available through the brand-new mixing devices.

The thinner issue

How exactly to use automotive paint over styrene plastic if its thinner contains toluene? Toluene is among the components of plastic glue given that it melts the plastic. In this application special attention should-be taken. You can find kinds of design plastic that are mainly unaffected by these solvents (AMT, Revell, Tamiya and Monogram). Other individuals like Gunze Sangyo react terribly.

Inside our surveys we discovered a thinner which least very likely to impact plastic. The trick the following is to find a thinner that features less toluene in its formula - the less toluene, the less injury to synthetic. Additionally, there are many grades of thinners, quicker and slowly people, concerning drying time. The quicker the drying time, the less chance that it'll affect the synthetic. The slow the drying out time, the greater amount of possibility of synthetic attack.

Since thinner brands will change from country to country, you will require some tests and visits to a automotive paint store. Ask as many concerns possible of an area specialist using the preceding information to find out which brand is going to do the best for your needs. It really is more straightforward to spend even more for an increased quality thinner (with less toluene) which will be better for your synthetic models. Bear in mind in addition you will have thinners for thinning base paints yet others for much better final result, more on this later.

You could begin with a thinning of 1 part of paint to 2-3 elements of slimmer. It is a starting point, experience will show what exactly is much better. Don't worry about protection as a result of this thinning price- with more coats it will protect the plastic inside desired colour and, even after many coats, all area detail it's still noticeable. Crucial: Thorough surface preparation is crucial! As a result of the extremely slim paint film, no area scratches is going to be hidden by paint.


You will fare better with high class thinners containing less toluene and better products- they have been more costly but frequently less harmful to styrene. Constantly run a test on a tree from design you are going to paint.

Applying the base paint

Automotive paints can be divided in 2 people: nitrocellulose-based and acrylic. Note that because ecological restrictions, nitrocellulose shows might not be available any longer in most countries.

Our knowledge about automotive paints suggests that nitrocellulose based ones lack good adhesion to styrene. What now ? if you would like utilize this particular paint? Easy. Always begin with a base coating of automotive acrylic then use this paint over the top.

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