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Airbrush lacquer paint

prepared Spray Kandy KoncentrateDesigner Pearls are Universal Base Coats which come in a big selection of colors andmay simply be cleared over for a final finish or utilized as a base coat for Kandys, or Pearls. They may be top coated with either acrylic lacquer or urethane enamels. p>

Marblizer creative Bases offer an exciting paint finish.With Marblizer you can attain the look of a deep marble, snake-skin, plus many other effects. Marblizer is a Universal Base that may be just cleared over or be used as a base coat for Kandy. They could be cleared with acrylic lacquers or urethane enamels. IMPORTANT: SG100 is required if using urethane clears or urethane kandys over Marblizer. p>

The SHIMRIN® Graphic Kolors (SG) along side BC25 Ebony, BC26 White tend to be universal base coats which will simply be cleared for one last finish, or made use of as a base layer for Kandys or Pearls. Because of the special chemistry they could be top-coated with either an acrylic lacquer or urethane enamel. p>

For sale in coarse or ultra-fine metallic, each provides full dental coverage plans in 3-4 coats.Clear for one last finish, or use as a base for Kandys. p>

Kandy Base Coats are a mixture of Kandy and select Pearls into a SHIMRIN® Universal Base Coat that mimics a Kandy finish. They feature reduced develop, fewer coats, are really easy to apply, and touchups are much easier than ever before. p>

Kameleon Opals (KOP)

Neons are made for large aesthetic impact on cars, boats, motorcycles, etc. They could be cleared for your final finish or utilized as a base coat for Pearls, or Kandys. SIGNIFICANT: Neons don't have a lot of light fastness under the sun. Use where large aesthetic effect is important and light fastness isn't. p>

Kameleon Kolor is a revolutionary base coating that changes color whilst the angle from which the automobile is viewed modifications. Rounded areas, and razor-sharp angles alike will highlight the individuality of Kameleon Kolor. Kameleon Kolor base coats are easy to apply and must be top coated with either urethane enamel or acrylic lacquer. p>

Click website link above to view the annotated following:
Wax & Grease Remover (KC10) article Sanding Cleaner (KC20) Kwikure Epoxy Primer (KP21) Chromate complimentary Epoxy Primer KP2CF) Ko-Seal Primer Sealer (KS) Bleed Check Sealer (SBS10)


Our Kosmic Kolor® urethane enamel Kandys provide fantastic gloss and depth. For sale in 20 stunning clear colors. They have been crack resistant and that can be employed over any of our SHIMRIN® Universal Base Coats, Kustom Bases, or Kustom Pearls. Requires KU100 Catalyst and Kosmic Reducer. p>

Use to enrich any of our Kosmic Kolor Urethane Enamel Kandys or Kustom Kolor Acrylic Lacquer Kandys. Our intensifiers lower the number of coats expected to color match an exterior finish. Functions great on home jambs, underneath the hood plus trunk places. Can also be great for small parts, and motorbikes, when time is a factor. May also be used with SG100 or our lacquer clears for multi-colored artwork. p>

Follow the link above to look at the annotated following: KU100 Catalysts KU150 Exempt Catalysts KU190 Catalysts Urethane program KU151 Slow Exempt Catalysts

Follow the link above to see the immediate following: UC35 Kosmic Polyurethane Klear UFC35 Polyurethane Flo-Klear UFC19 Komply Klear II 1.9 VOC SG100 Intercoat Clear SG150 Pearl & Flake Karrier

• Airbrush Ready (KK) Mixed with SG100 at 8:1
• precisely paid down 1:1 with RU311 moderate Reducer for Airbrush Use
• Ready to Spray, NO Mixing Required
• Recommended for Spraying Temperatures below 80°F

Click the link above to view the immediate following: RU310 Fast Dry Reducer RU311 moderate Dry Reducer RU312 Slow Dry Reducer RU313 extremely Slow Reducer RU315 Retarder RU300 VOC Exempt Reducer RU101 Hi-Gloss thin RU202 Quick Dry thin

Color Cards / Tech handbook House Of Kolor Small amount Kits Kosmic Krome (MC) Metajuls Metallic Base Coats (MBC)

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