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Hobby Lobby Airbrush Kits

6801 Hadley Rd
Southern Plainfield, NJ 07080

(908) 412-6236

Would-be 4.5 stars... A rather interesting shop that not only carries products which would help you together with your arts & crafts tasks and maintaining your personal hobbies, additionally holds "decorative" things for your own home. The shop general seemed very nice additionally the staff members were friendly. I recall popping in during the holiday season as well as had countless ornaments when it comes to Christmas time Tree. It was amazing. A lot of the costs are competitive, but that is dependent on what you are trying to buy. Early in the day these days, we came right here to consider a display situation for a model vehicle. Other areas desired $20-$30, but here they wished around $12. We even had a coupon as well, which brought that cost even lower. Cool! Centered on all that, I'm a fan!

Hobby Lobby gets the worst cashiers! They may be are awful because they won't scan each items and would simply type in the entire price when my things demonstrably claimed a 50percent down! Hobby lobby rehearse defrauding customers. I'll go to other craft stores and there are many I-go to Michaels, Jo-ann, Ac Moore and craft warehouse.

Great store, however they should keep it available on Sunday with a minumum of one register operating. Within 3 min of your arrival 4 others turned up and were bummed out it absolutely was shut. Negative for business income!

Worst customer service experience ever. The staff is unpleasant and unhelpful. I'm fascinated to the reason why upper mangers have however to-do something towards top-notch service here. It really is unbelievably horrendous.

Exemplary store, amazing variety of both crafts and house decor. Shop is extremely neat and organized and all products have actually prices. Would be returning!

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