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EBay Airbrush Kit


Description: ideal for nail arts, fine arts, design painting, body painting, pastime and crafts, car painting, photo retouching, pictures, fabrics and T-shirt artwork and uses that want DETAILS SPRAYING and several quick modifications of color in a small amount Specification: Airbrush kit(AC004A): double activity airbrush Feed Type:gravity Nozzle:Dia.0.30 mm Cup capacity:7CC performing stress:15-50PSI Cleaning brush(AC023): This mini airbrush cleansing kit has actually 5 different sizes alternatives for comprehensive cleansing of barrel inside and horn holes regarding the atmosphere limit, CENTER HOLE OF PAINT CUP, fluid tip and baffle and other small passages. 1. Material: Iron 2. colors: Golden Airbrush cleansing Needle (AC035): This Airbrush cleansing Needle is the better tool to completely clean the nozzle and needle the the airbrush gun. 1. information: Iron 2. Color: Golden Package Included: 1x OPHIR Dual Action Airbrush system 1x Cleaning brush 1x Airbrush Cleaning NeedleDual Action Airbrush Air Brush Spray GunFeed Type:GravityNozzle:Dia.0.30 mmCup ability:7CCWorking pressure:15-50PSIDual Action Airbrush Air Brush Spray GunOPHIR

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