Iwata Airbrush Cleaning

Airbrush Cleaning Kit

Air Brush cleansing Kit

#7011 Air Brush Cleaning Kit $15.99

All you need to maintain your air-brush clean (see items below)! The Air-Brush Cleaning Kit is a box of prepared supplies that constantly appear to be only out of reach. Maintain your airbrush in top problem with these crucial cleaning supplies.

Articles: 20 baby buds, 4 Eye Droppers, 20 pipeline Cleaners, 4 blending Cups, 1 pair of Rubber Gloves, 1 tiny Funnel, 1 container for Thinner, 2 Cleaning Brushes, and 2 Wiping clothing

Refill your kit using the articles below:

#7012 Baby Buds (20) $1.69

Needed seriously to swab the paint out from the nozzle while the paint tube of one's environment brush.

#7013 Eye Droppers (6) $2.99

Mix paint by squeezing it and down within the dropper until it really is mixed.

#7014 Pipeline Cleaners (20) $2.69

Swab the inside of this paint pipe of one's air brush. Essential that constantly gets missed!

#7015 Blending Cups (5) $1.50

Hold your paint in only suitable amount for atmosphere cleaning use.

#7016 Rubber Gloves (1 pair) $1.25

To safeguard both hands from thinners.

#7017 Little Funnel (1) $1.99

You needed one, but just could not find it! Right here it is.

#7018 Bottle for slimmer (1) $4.99

Ensure that it stays close by. Squeeze the proper number of slimmer into the mixing glass.

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