Customized Airbrushed Hats and

Custom Airbrushed Hats

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Hello! I'm Travis Allen and I also am an airbrush musician staying in a tiny town in eastern Iowa. I have already been airbrushing since 1991 and I been employed by on different surfaces throughout the years. The previous 3 years i've turned to the automotive paint industry for my painting. I work on mostly motorcycles or any surface that I can clear coat. During last many years soccer period I created a design for a friends hard hat, we were attending a Monday night football game in Kansas City to see our favorite staff, the Steelers play. I painted a Steelers hard-hat for my buddy additionally the reaction ended up being daunting by the regional followers. I then requested and got a copyright on my design, and have always been presently in the process of obtaining a form of art design patent. Most of these difficult caps tend to be hand painted without any help and tend to be since unique since the person they've been designed for, no two faces are identical. The hard-hat will be sealed with a clear coating, and a protective obvious rubberized edging will be applied around the rim to protect against chipping. Angry Hatter difficult caps are not intended for commercial usage and generally are not OSHA accepted, they've been simply a collectors product. Neither Mad Hatter nor Travis Allen is responsible for problems sustained to hard hats or perhaps the person using one. Please see a number of the images here and go ahead and contact me personally on prices and supply. Thanks for preventing and luxuriate in!!

Initially see my NFL & College Hardhat artwork by clicking the web link here!

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