Man owes city of Dallas $259

Dallas Cowboys Bike Helmet

Only needed if you cannot see an R-rated movie by yourself.

Only needed if you cannot see an R-rated motion picture by yourself.


After a fortunately brief and mostly unfocused discussion today, the Dallas City Council amended town ordinances allowing bikes in public places buildings, eliminate unwieldy prohibitions against stunt cycling and racing, and allow bicycle riders avove the age of 17 to choose whether or not to use a helmet.

Changing the helmet requirements was essential according Philip Kingston, because leaving the ordinances as is would cripple any possible cycle share programs when you look at the town.

Kingston had been among those on the council which believed the helmet limitations should always be removed completely, either because of the trouble of enforcing age-based constraints and/or burden they may place on households hoping to ride collectively.

Sandy Greyson suggested a compromise that would enable anybody over 13 to without a helmet but, despite assistance from Lee Kleinman and Scott Griggs, this lady amendment never found a vote.

Instead users settle on this 17 necessity. Vonciel Jones Hill and Monica Alonzo voted up against the last measure, citing safety concerns.

"In an automobile-centric neighborhood, i really believe it is absolute foolishness not to have a helmet on a bicycle, " Jones Hill said. "Grown people can choose foolishness, but federal government should help them."

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