Airbrush acrylics on 18 X24

Airbrush Acrylics

GOLDEN Airbrush Medium is a 100percent acrylic binder system made for altering the GOLDEN Fluid Acrylics alongside GOLDEN Acrylic products for airbrush/spray application. While fashioned with the liquid Acrylics in your mind, GOLDEN Airbrush moderate also decrease the Heavy system, Matte, High burden, Iridescent/Interference and Fluorescent Acrylics for spray applications. GOLDEN Mediums and Gessoes can also be mixed with Airbrush moderate for spraying.

The product really should not be utilized alone, and needs to be mixed with various other GOLDEN Acrylic paints, mediums or reasons into the recommended ratios generate a functional material. Really thick or extremely textured products thinned with GOLDEN Airbrush Medium may still be tough to decrease for old-fashioned spraying and alternative ways of spraying might needed.


Since it is naturally unhealthy to inhale spray mists of any sort, we advice, at least, the employment of a NIOSH accepted disposable dirt and mist respirator. For additional information, please see our saftey area on spaying safely:

Mixing Guidelines:

Typically, combine equal quantities (by amount) of Airbrush moderate and Fluid Acrylic to result in a good spraying persistence. More Airbrush Medium or water additions can be used if the combination will not move correctly (relate to the fast research Chart below for more full tips).

Mixing Recommendations:

Carefully stir or shake Airbrush Medium to guarantee homogeneity before mixing with GOLDEN Acrylics.

For thinner paint lines, the Airbrush moderate can be included in equal quantities toward paint, and then stirred until well-mixed. If making use of paints thicker than Fluid Acrylics (particularly Matte Fluid Acrylics or High Load Acrylics), carry on including even more Airbrush moderate as much as a-1 part paint to 2 components Airbrush Medium. Beyond this 1:2 ratio, it is advisable to add liquid for lots more thinning.

Although water-can be utilized using the Airbrush Medium to assist thin the paint, it begins to forfeit a number of the spray-ability this method improves, and produces a weaker paint movie. High-water improvements may cause the paint in order to become relatively poor, in both pigment load and film strength. Top coating is essential with regards to the nature of this artwork.

Thicker paints such as for instance Heavy system Acrylics should really be first thinned with liquid until they achieve a pourable persistence. After the required paint and liquid combination is well stirred, begin incorporating the Airbrush moderate at a ratio of just one component paint/water to 1 component Airbrush moderate.

Before spraying, it might be essential to stress the diluted blend (using mozzarella cheese cloth, nylon pantyhose, or #8 mesh or finer assessment textiles) to remove any large particulate products and ensure homogeneity and smoothness. More often than not though, Golden Acrylic products are smooth and pigments surface to a uniform particle size.

Mixing products with GOLDEN Airbrush Medium will create foam. Pre-mix colors at the least five full minutes before use. This can enable time the foam produced by energetic trembling to dissipate before spraying. Micro-foam can result in an irregular movie.

Include a Mixing Ball:

Include a mixing basketball to assist in blending. In GOLDEN tall Flow Acrylics, a barundum (a barrel-shaped, ceramic piece utilized in pigment dispersion) is added to facilitate faster plus homogenous mixing. Reuse barundums from old High Flow Acrylics containers, or use a smooth stone, marble, stainless nut, etc. to perform this purpose. This will be specially valuable whenever storing mixtures for future usage.

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