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Paint your Motorcycle

I don’t learn about you, however when it comes to my motorcycle’s paint work, I’m quite particular. I go through a frequent regime of cleaning, polishing and waxing, including using a fine scratch remover to stop any swirls from showing up within the clearcoat.

Lately I was whining throughout the high cost of commercial swirl removers whenever my friend Pete proposed I use slightly corn starch to remove the good lines instead of the more expensive polish. “Well, Pete, ” we stated, “I’ve been aware of doing that, but I’ve never really attempted it myself. What’s the deal?” “It’s similar to this, ” he replied. “After the cycle is washed and buffed, you sprinkle a little cornstarch across paint. Utilize a perfectly clean piece of toweling and very light pressure to gently brush the starch across the finish. The ultra-fine abrasiveness regarding the cornstarch will polish out of the swirls inside clearcoat without really cutting through it. Blow the residue off whenever you are done, after that toss only a little wax at her. She’ll be swirl-free and shining like a brand new penny very quickly.”

*A term into the sensible: try out this on a hidden part of the paint very first just in case the outcome aren’t that which you expected.

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