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Racing helmet Design

Every single helmade item is handmade. Customizing a helmet needs increased qualitative product and unique handcrafting skills.

A large an element of the helmade process could be the planning stage which establishes the beds base for a fantastic artwork of individual item.

All design components of your helmade design are masked by hand, precise to a millimeter. That's where some secret happens.

Each color is lacquered individually. In-between painting the different color levels, each lacquer calls for a perfectly timed drying time.

We only utilize high quality lacquers for the paintings which we’ve completely selected to attain perfect result.

Painting gradients and impacts need knowledge and time. We added our passion whenever hand-painting your helmade product.

A particular moment is the final ‚unwrapping’. Very carefully all tapes have to be taken down, without harming the lacquering.

Before our services and products have a glossy or matte finishing, your trademark is coated for each side of the helmet.

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