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One of the most frequent concerns asked is 'how a great deal is an airbrushed helmet?' It's not an answer that any airbrush musician will give straight away minus the vital information by what each consumer want to have inside their custom design, e.g. colours, logos, composing, special impacts, etc. The number of choices tend to be endless!
The more complex and colourful the look, the more you will be charged. For almost any color, logo, personality, etc. which into the design, the entire process of masking each layer must protect the look since it develops.
Custom Process
Off to the right of this text are a few photographs of numerous stages for the masking and artwork procedure, which ultimately shows simply a portion of the job that is actually taking part in turning a vintage helmet into a unique peice of helmet art.
This helmet ended up being heavily stickered together with some damage of deep scratches and potato chips. The payment was to include Red Bull, Fly Gin and Moonair logos to a genuine BraveArt Design. Photoshop work was needed for the measuring and cutting of this logo design templates, then it had been de-stickered, the rubbers/seals eliminated and the whole helmet had been cleansed. Just then could the deeper potato chips be repaired with unique filler last but not least, your whole helmet had been sanded manually when preparing for a base layer of white sealer.
Then the appropriate design themes had been layed from the base coat level of white and also the next coating of black metalic was applied along with the yellow of suns from the purple bull logos. Then the silver and blue colours had been included. Shows and shading had been after that put on the gold and blue to offer the end result of this banner somewhat transferring the wind. The helmet ended up being masked again plus the red applied to the bulls and Red Bull writing.
The Red Bull design ended up being masked to guard it and also the Moonair and Fly Gin logo had been coated from the back and front regarding the helmet with the same procedure due to the fact Red Bull logo design.
The freehand effects of white clouds in a blue sky ended up being applied to the remainder helmet.
The rest of the masking ended up being very carefully removed and helmet was ready for very first application of clear-coat. After 3 coats the helmet ended up being good polished/sanded and washed before the last 3 coats of clear-coat was applied. After and can solidify, the final action to take was the re-assembly of rubber seals and internal padding before returning it to just one more happy buyer.

Since there are so many actions associated with producing each design, BraveArt Graphics made a cost guide that can provide the consumer a harsh notion of exactly how much their own design may cost for helmets, tanks, snowboards and comparable sized tasks. Needless to say, the last cost varies based on every person design and item kind, so please Contact BraveArt Graphics for more information.

BraveArt Graphics cost Guide (rates beginning with)
Prep-work: (incl. dismantling of seals, visors, repairs & sanding etc.)
  • Brand New helmet - € 50
    Old helmet - € 90
    Basecoat (if necessary) - € 50
    Helmet in one single colour - €75
    Helmet with design (3-7 tints) - € 350 to € 645
    Elements – Logos / animation figures, etc. - € 75
    Special effects – shading / mixing / features, etc. - € 60
    Freehand impacts – true fire / clouds / water, etc. - € 100
    Lettering – name / web site, etc. - € 40
    4 Layers of Clear-coat, reconstruct & polishing - € 100
    Any expenditures incurred whenever going back the piece to its owner either by post, courier, individual delivery, etc. will likely to be billed properly.
    * All prices are excluding the Dutch V.A.T. (B.T.W.) price of 19%.
    * at the least half the price must be compensated by project begin date utilizing the continuing to be one half
    due on conclusion of the task.
    You start with: An old helmet with various stickers and partial damage (potato chips & scratches).
    Design: Custom fashioned with a 5 color design, plus special effects of shading, highlights and freehand design, 3 logos/brands and 1 web address.
    Finished down with Clear-coat and polishing.
    Prep-work and basecoat - € 140
    Design/Artwork with 5 colours - € 500
    Logos (3x) € 225
    Unique results - € 60
    Freehand results - € 100
    Lettering (1x) - € 40
    Clear-coat - € 100
    Complete excl. 19% B.T.W. - € 1165
    19per cent B.T.W. - € 221.35
    TOTAL - € 1386.35
    If you want to receive a free of charge estimate for the customized concept kindly go to the Contact web page and fill out the form and Mark are certain to get back touch with you with an estimated expense and delivery time for the project. Normally, task turn-around time takes 3-5 weeks.

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