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Harley Davidson tank paint Design

A few years ago we had been approached by Harley Davidson for a rather unusual project. I got a call from custom paint unit and additionally they requested a meeting with me. I’m thinking “Great. We’re likely to do patent plaques for Harley Davidson”. Boy, was We wrong. In reality, they wanted to develop a “gas tank wall plaque”.

Today, for anyone in the Midwest, stepping into Harley Davidson is similar to the Holy Grail account. But a gas tank wall surface plaque? What were they thinking?

But we love challenges at U.S. Patent Services (like a microprocessor managed patent plaque for Pixar) and so I hop during my automobile and progress to a gathering at Harley Davidson headquarters downtown. We meet the representatives and I also was given the concept of a full size bike gas tank cut-in 1 / 2 and mounted to a board. Which was it. I was provided some empty take tank shells and sent to my means.

At first, the issues posed by this felt ridiculous. How do we get fuel tanks, paint them, slashed all of them by 50 percent, mount them to a board, add attractive back plates and a name dish, etc., etc? And take action all for less than $80. Then supply 3, 000 of them to Harley Davidson.

After numerous, many months of examination and development, a big part to the solution had been discovered with a business that had a proprietary approach to printing onto level sheets of PVC, after that thermal molding them into shape such that all the proportions of this imprinted image had been maintained within the last draw or “pull” as they called it. Basically, this intended reverse engineering the distortion regarding the plastic through the forming procedure. It required printing an image which was digitally altered onto level product which became undistorted throughout the forming process. It was a great solution, during the correct price and offered the benefit of allowing for any design.

To secure the imprinted container layer towards the board, a lip had been molded into the layer that has been sandwiched between your board and a sizable die-cut attractive plate placed on the shell onto the board. For impact, rivets had been put into the perimeter of this dish. They initially asked for two design variations, one contemporary and one retro.

As you can see from the image, we made it happen! We engineered an amazing answer at an impossibly low cost. This is certainly why is us these types of an excellent company. We're about solutions rather than afraid to take risks to provide our consumers

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