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Lisa Berczel Airbrush ArtistBy Kathryn Gordon—Co-Chair, Center for Advanced Pastry Studies

With regards to the skill of the airbrush, there’s small Lisa Berczel hasn’t attempted. From painting cars to cakes and even your body, Lisa is distinguished on her genre-defying airbrush illusions and artwork. This summer, we’re happy to host a two-day workshop with Lisa on August 29-30th at our Center for Advanced Pastry Studies. Read on for more information on Lisa’s diverse business knowledge.

What in the beginning sparked your curiosity about airbrushing?
When i really could hold a crayon, I’ve had a chance at only about every craft and talent there's. Airbrush inevitably had its turn. However, that has been quite a while before videos or forums making it possible to inquire about advanced level practices. Without quick access to reliable information, my airbrush only sat in a drawer for about decade. Then, I destroyed my business job as a consequence of a shoulder injury and obtained the airbrush once again within my data recovery. At the same time, it absolutely was the era of this how-to movie and I’ve never ever looked right back.

Lisa Berczel Airbrush ArtistDo you might think someone needs to be good musician to learn how-to airbrush?
The airbrush is just another tool to-be included with your imaginative toolbox. Comprehending some basic technical info is all that is required to start including it into a foundation of even more usually executed designs. Indeed, I find it’s better to build standard skills before getting also artsy with-it.

How does work with food materials relate with your past experience with airbrushed body paint?
Might work as a makeup products and body paint musician supplied the most perfect jumping off suggest the field of food. I became already used to questions of safe training in airbrushing, like sanitation and picking nontoxic, cosmetic or meals level services and products, which made the transition simpler.

What practices should be covered into the CAPS course?
The class is an extensive two-day training. The first day will target comprehending the airbrush, understanding which airbrush is the best fit for our requirements and correct office setup. Students will find out and practice all the fundamental shots, cleaning processes and exactly how to troubleshoot common issues. The second time we’ll introduce heightened techniques, such as for example stenciling and artwork on decorative things eg edible printer sheets, wafer paper, molded fondant and more.

Are there any appearing trends in the wonderful world of airbrush art?
Art trends move in rounds in which everything old becomes brand-new once more. FDA-approved pigments stay relatively constant, but there is increasing attention compensated to in which those pigments originate from. Particularly, natural, plant-based colors tend to be gaining popularity.

How come you recommend participants bring their very own airbrush the course?
Each airbrush style features its own skills and weaknesses. If students has purchased an airbrush ready, it's better to train with-it to obtain the many out of their financial investment. Demo products will be available in order for everyone has the opportunity to try the different styles, and all students comes away with a total understanding of the field of airbrush.

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