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Editor's note: this can be one in a set on new technology becoming developed by the leading football-equipment producers. None of this products pointed out here tend to be supported because of the NFL.

By Bill Bradley, contributing editor

Schutt Sports was producing sporting goods for almost a century. But only in the past decade gets the company started initially to make its mark-on soccer people with less heavy helmets that use space-age padding.

Glenn Beckmann, manager of marketing communications for Schutt, stated he's seen growth in the business recently aided by the termination associated with the NFL's unique contract with another helmet maker. He expects more individuals than ever before to talk about Schutt helmets inside coming period.

Beckmann this week talked with NFL Evolution about the company's record, its attract college and professional players and its particular goal to make much better helmets for childhood baseball people.

How did Schutt get started?

The tasks whenever my staff started was to rebrand the company because we had been making a good item but few individuals understood about our product. Schutt Sports started in 1918 in Litchfield, Illinois, a little town midway between St. Louis and Springfield, Illinois. It got its begin as a basketball organization. Bill Schutt, the founder, actually created the little eyelets that you apply to install basketball nets toward rim. He had been a metal employee and soon after he started tinkering around with material faceguards for old leather baseball helmets. He sold the company. It absolutely was a family-owned business for three generations until mid-1980s whenever Julie Nimmons took over and she in fact is the one which orchestrated the transfer to soccer helmets. She was recently chosen to the shoe Hall of Fame.

Ahead of the middle '80s we weren't into baseball and we also bought the intellectual property plus the actual helmet possessions of bicycle shoe. Which is how exactly we experienced helmets. That started our first helmet range that individuals changed into a helmet labeled as the Pro Air II additionally the Air Advantage. In years since then we have become the biggest helmet manufacturer on earth due to the financial investment by Julie. Today, we are a full-out safety gear business. We make football helmets, neck shields, safety padding, batting helmets for baseball and softball and catcher's gear.

In Virginia Tech's most recent CELEBRITY score for helmets, Schutt had the two highest-rated helmets for mind security in the Air Pro XP plus the Vengence designs. The thing that makes Schutt helmets therefore special?

Whenever you view a baseball helmet - beyond well-known aesthetic differences - a helmet is just a piece of synthetic. The difference is manufactured with what's inside. Like we state, it's what's inside that matters. Exactly what truly establishes the Schutt item apart is our method of performing what helmets are supposed to do and that's to protect the head and take in impact. We are the actual only real significant helmet producer to own higher level beyond the traditional padding you've present in baseball helmets since the 1970s. We use a proprietary complex system within our helmets called TPU, which is short for thermoplastic urethane. That TPU cushioning has been proven by separate evaluating the very last three years to absorb impacts under a wider variety of conditions than any other helmet on field.

That's what establishes Schutt aside. It's our approach to absorbing effect. The other thing that sets united states apart as a company is our place available as a leader. We really attempt to go upon ourselves setting right some of the debateable information available. Within the last few 4 or 5 years, we seen an explosion various services and products and differing advertising and marketing statements about decreasing concussions in baseball players. As a company, we'll never ever make a claim that individuals will reduce the risk of concussions. We do not want to create a false sense of protection in a person, a coach or a parent that they are gonna reduce the chance of a concussion. Every person, every company that participates in soccer today, all of us agree that there is absolutely no such thing as a concussion-proof helmet. But there are many businesses that will really push the boundaries of everything we consider ethical marketing and advertising. They are going to inform you that they can lessen the risk of concussions by "X"-percent or perhaps you tend to be "X"-percent less inclined to obtain a concussion if you wear this helmet. And on occasion even scholastic scientific studies that state, "This helmet A is 'X'-percent a lot better than helmet B." We just don't think that.

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