G 0.2mm Dual Action Dual

Airbrush Spray Gun Kit


Description: Great for nail arts, good arts, model painting, human body painting, pastime and crafts, car painting, photo retouching, pictures, textiles and T-shirt painting and uses that require DEPTH SPRAYING and several quick changes of shade in small amounts Specification(AC005): Dual Action Airbrush Feed kind: Gravity Nozzle: dia.0.3mm Cup ability: 7cc&22cc Operating stress: 15-50psi Package Included: 1x Airbrush kit cleansing brush(AC023): This mini airbrush cleaning system has actually 5 different sizes options for thorough cleaning of barrel inside and horn holes associated with environment cap, CENTER HOLE OF PAINT CUP, fluid tip and baffle along with other tiny passages. 1. information: Iron 2. colors: Golden Airbrush cleansing Needle (AC035): This Airbrush Cleaning Needle is the greatest device to clean the nozzle and needle the the airbrush firearm. 1. Material: Iron 2. colors: Golden Package Included: 1x OPHIR Dual Action Airbrush system 1x cleansing brush 1x Airbrush Cleaning NeedleDual Action AirbrushFeed kind: Gravity AirbrushNozzle: dia.0.3mm AirbrushCup Capacity: 7cc&22ccWorking Force: 15-50psiDual Action AirbrushOPHIR

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