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Airbrush Kit Price

Lightweight Air Compressor System


1) appropriate airbrush dia 0.2~0.5mm, particularly ideal for makeup beauty and so forth;

2) car begin and auto stop function;

3) it may start with pressure, and constant work;

4) doing work pressure adjustable;

5) Derma cow epidermis case, waistband and Gallus readily available, suitable for mobile working;

7) From deluxe total kit to many simple kit readily available.

8) With light switch, kindly switch off the compressor when stop working.



AC transformer

Feedback AC100-240V 50/60HZ 0.6A

Production DC 12V 1.6A

Ventilation: 10.5L/min

Car end: 25psi (1.5bar) Automobile start: 15psi (1.0bar)

Performing pressure: 2-15psi

Stress adjusts way: yourself

Compressor dimension: 11×5.5×12cm

Main compressor N.W: 0.52KG

Suited to: The air compressor is suitable for makeup, beauty products, tattoo, and beginner of hobbies. And has now many accessories available. From easiest inexpensive compressor to luxurious full kit for your choose.

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