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Custom Airbrushed Welding helmets

Welding helmets don’t need certainly to look drab and boring – actually we’ve scoured industry to find the best searching customized painted welding helmets around. These helmets aren't just truly great-looking, but have actually excellent functionality, are comfortable and extremely safe to use, and a lot of importantly, are great affordable.

While it’s feasible to get a plain old welding bonnet and decorate it yourself, or modify it aided by the decals very often come packed because of the helmets, you won’t get close to the polished finish why these helmets supply. Naturally, it does depend on your painting skills, as these awesome helmets show. Personally like this minion welding hood and think it will be truly funny in a workplace environment, regrettably i really couldn’t get a hold of in which it absolutely was being sold. If anybody understands, would you mind telling myself in remarks below? To our list…

The most effective performers within review would be the, the Gold Award winner; the, the Silver Award champion; therefore the, the Bronze Award winner.

number 1 Best General – Antra AH6-66O-6218

In terms of specifications, the feature that people love probably the most about that helmet is its auto-darkening changing rate, which outdoes a number of the big name companies. With four detectors and a truly broad range of shades – beginning as low as 5 and stretching right up to 13 – this helmet is impressively flexible. This will be made a lot more clear by the undeniable fact that you can make use of it for a multitude of applications, including MIG, TIG, arc and plasma welding, and also grinding. The lens modification knobs are additional, making changing settings or sensitivities effortless.

As soon as you initially place this helmet on, you’ll realize that it’s incredibly lightweight and comfortable, which makes it ideal for the full day’s welding. Our just word-of caution would be to take care when handling it, whilst the lightweight nature of this helmet indicates it could maybe not stand up to continuous, high quality wear or becoming tossed around the workshop!

Below are a few different styles you may favor:

# 2 cost effective – iMeshbean® Lightning Skull Design

This is certainly a fantastic spending plan buy that is best suited to both beginners and hobby welders. However, it might spend less on price, however it does not compromise on technical specs. The switching time is quick together with range of colors is suitable for a wide variety of welding types, nonetheless it’s in all the small extras this helmet actually comes into its. You may expect great visibility, due to the fact producers have designed the external lens in order to avoid trapping smoke also particles. Additionally, it is possible to adapt this helmet to accommodate you – not only by adjusting the sensitivities – but by the addition of a cheater lens in a separate slot, too.

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