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Airbrush artist London

A training course for currently practising make-up musicians and artists trying to sharpen their particular skills in an ever before- competitive market. You will learn how to make use of an airbrush to obtain perfect blending, contouring and imaginative colouring practices. These can after that be used to your specialised area - from style, to HD film/TV or prosthetics.

Time among the training course covers natural and bridal looks. Day two will take care of fashion and innovative appearance.

This course includes:

  • Introduction to airbrush and pigments
  • Natural make-up for style or HD film / television
  • Contouring and highlighting
  • Fashion make-up strategies
  • Creative colouring techniques
  • Tattoos and colouring

On completion associated with program, pupils will get an unique rebate on airbrush kits with your selected companies, along with a 35per cent rebate with MAC makeup.


Intermediate (practising makeup products performers).


Your course location is confirmed once you've booked online or via the phone using a credit or debit card. There's no due date for reservation. Places are available on a first arrive, initially served basis, and all courses have actually a maximum few students. We suggest you book early in order to avoid disappointment.

MAC Makeup:

As part of your program, you may receive an invite to a MAC Cosmetics rebate shopping program which will enable you to buy MAC services and products at discounted price. The shopping program can take location either through your program or perhaps in some cases listed here week or weekend.

Tutor information

Sam Walker is employed in the makeup industry for over a decade. She trained at London College of Fashion and then started her career with Make-up Forever, Paris. She has worked in style, beauty, film, theater and weddings. Her editorial work includes functions for Vanity Fair, Tatler and Flux (among others). She's worked as a bridal make-up singer for quite some time, which has included doing the makeup when it comes to Duke and Duchess of Kent's girl Davina's wedding ceremony at Kensington palace and Roger Taylor’s brides makeup, who's a band person in 'Queen'. Sam in addition has collaborated using late Isabella Blow and Philip Treacey. She currently works closely with photographers such as Gisela Torres, the burlesque performer Immodesty Blaize and works for MAC beauty products in britain. She additionally integrates this with tutoring at London College of Fashion on various short-courses and on a regular basis delivering seminars the industry.

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