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Picture: Textured Paint on and M1935 Field Repainted Helmet.

Like other design improvements, the paint applied to German helmets ended up being altered due to practical experience. These modifications were on the basis of the findings of men who used the helmets in field situations or simulated combat maneuvers. Moreover, the evolution in paint finish in addition to ability to standardize color ended up being difficult by a number of factors. The reality that numerous helmets underwent factory or provide depot refurbishment prior to being reissued suggested that numerous helmets would receive different paint schemes. Likewise, whenever paint was for sale in the field numerous helmets were repainted because of the guys whom wore them.

The advent of "reproduction" helmets which have been repainted in order to depict an original wartime example has actually complicated the main topic of paint shade and texture for a few enthusiasts. But, truth be told there are a few easy and simple ways to see whether or perhaps not the paint finish on a German helmet is initial or perhaps not. Many inquires have now been generated through the years regarding the actual paint colors, production codes, the mixture remedies, resources of original paint, and numerous subjects linked to the need to learn more about German helmet paint.

Suffice to state that German helmet paint altered greatly both in color and texture from the mid-1930's through 1943 and in the end toward end regarding the 2nd World War. Early paint colors associated with the Reichswehr Army had been typically not of the identical color range found on World War we model helmets that never obtained a camouflage pattern. Reichswehr colors had been re-established into the the 1920's and constantly made use of through to the advent of M1935 helmet. Comparable colors were placed on transitional model helmets used from 1934 through 1937. Its safe to say with certainty that no two German helmets had been ever identical in shade. The variety is amongst the special aspects regarding World War II German armed forces equipment.


Each part of is divided into split Information paths that overview crucial details, realities, and historical notes regarding metal helmets utilized by the German Armed Forces during World War II.

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