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Please be aware these are generalizations and responses might not be 100per cent true all of the time in just about every instance. For those who have a problem or question please e-mail us before you decide to order. Please fill out our contact page if your concern cannot can be found in the list. You'll be able to have a look at the installation directions.

Q: will likely the Hot Licks Exhaust Inc. kit work with E.F.I. (electronic gasoline injection) automobiles, vehicles, or motorcycles?
A: Yes and no. It's going to run just about any E.F.I. car, truck, or bike without a catalytic converter provided it will not have 4 or 6 cylinder motor ( motorcycles are exempt with this, but nevertheless cannot have a catalytic converter). Cars or trucks with E.F.I. need to have an 8 cylinder motor or bigger to capture flames. If you have an E.F.I. 4 or 6 cylinder engine with a turbo or supercharger or major engine horse power modifications the kit will work also. If your car won't shoot flames making use of this fundamental kit you can continue to have some choices (begin to see the Hot Licks Exhaust huge programs). Catalytic converters burn up gasses the engine does not burn off for that reason nothing is to burn at the conclusion of the tailpipes. You can remove the catalytic converter or hollow it when you have one, but there are laws and regulations in a few says that require that have a properly working catalytic converter on the car. You will find fines for not meeting these regulations therefore because of your research before you tamper with your catalytic converter.

Q: Is fire putting dangerous?
A: much like everything use your head. Ensure no one is behind your vehicle whenever you shoot flames or otherwise they might block off the road of the fire. In addition your pipelines will be very hot following you will get done shooting flames therefore verify no body brushes their particular leg facing the tailpipe. Never ever shooot fire within 500 feet of a gas staion, gas cans, propane store an such like.

Q: will most likely this system focus on solitary or twin fatigue?
A: YES ! Each system is made to focus on single or dual exhaust. Just pick which kind of kit you want!

Q: will likely shooting flames damage my engine?
A: No. setting up the system in your car and shooting flames wont harm your engine. For more than ten years we have been when you look at the flamethrower company and possess never ever had a customer experience any harm to an engine, paint task, or whatever else connected to the ride from using our flamethrower kit.

Q: will likely shooting flames burn my automobiles paint or tires?
A: 99per cent of times you do not have to worry about this. Unless your fatigue tips the fire right towards your paint (I have never within my life seen an exhaust such as this by the way) you are alright. Take into account that whenever you shoot flames the flames try not to stay on continuously like a lighter or a torch. The flames will shoot-out in short 1-4 second explosion.

Q: will likely this system shoot 30 base flames like we see on the web and at automobile programs?
This kit may be the significant foundation for shooting flames from 1 base to 30 legs. If you are unhappy with the measurements of your flames you can develop an injection system using our huge flames shot plans for very long flames . This type of system just isn't for the timid and it is extremely serious. Our standard kit will provide you with 1-4 foot flames on average. If an organization says you will get 10, 20, or 30 foot flames with a kit they have been being misleading and aremaking untrue statements. By Purchasing a Hot Licks Exhaust Inc. system or any programs from Hot Licks Exhaust Inc., you consent to the disclaimer and release any debts.

Q: will most likely the Hot Licks Exhaust Inc. system focus on bike's?
A: indeed, motorcycles work great provided they do not have a catalytic converter. Occasionally baffled fatigue pipes on motorbikes causes contradictory flames and even no flames. Start pipes work best, but we have bicycles withbaffles that have great flames. Please email us to be sure your bike has got the proper setup to utilize the kit before buying.

Q: Do i must get coils, spark plugs and spark plug wires?
NO, NO, NO, NO, NO! Hot Licks Exhaust flamethrower kits come 100percent total ready to install with small easy to conceal solid-state skillfully manufactured control module/s that operate your whole system. All other kits in the marketplace require you to get additional components and install huge cumbersome old manner coils that will leak as they are oil-filled.

Q: we saw or heard someplace that all you need to do for flames is hook a switch to battery pack many spark plugs in exhaust! Will that really work?
A: No. It does not work and you may virtually blow your mufflers up like a stick of dynamite! There's more to it.

Q: is-it unlawful to capture flames? During my state?
A: currently there aren't any legislation regarding publications for any wherein in america stating that flamethrowers tend to be unlawful to make use of . Check the guidelines inside State to be sure. That said we recommend that shooting flames is strictly for off-road use only and do not to be done on public or exclusive home unless it is your home.

Q: Will I get flames just like the motion picture "American Griffiti", Gone in 60 seconds", or "The Fast in addition to Furious"?
A: through our mega flames shot plans you can get flames like the first two films pointed out . See Mega flames shot programs in the items area.

Q: could i purchase simply the special push-button or just the special weld-in connect bungs?
A: sure head to purchase web page and get the particular part you'll need.

Q: just how can this kit make use of away choking the carburetor?
A: There is generally enough gasoline the motor cannot burn for flames without needing a choke.

Q: Do you realy guarantee your product?
A: Yes! A lifetime warranty exists with each kit. Most all flame thrower kit manufacturers attempting to sell kits these days only offer a 30 time guarantee. That should tell you the caliber of their system should they will only straight back it for 1 month.

Q: I do in contrast to to purchase from the internet. How else could I purchase?
it is possible to purchase by post or fax your purchase. Kindly e-mail us to request a mailing address or a fax number.

Q: what's your return plan?
A: All kits have a lifetime warranty against manufacture problems. Kits having perhaps not been set up and that are came back within fortnight of bill in original condition is going to be given full reimbursement minus delivery cost and a 15% restocking cost.

"for past many years a buddy who has a really great '70 John Deere Tractor has already established a significant want to get a method whereby their exhaust would FLAME-OUT during parades. About six-weeks ago he became aware of a kit offered by that is located in Florida. My buddy called the dog owner as well as had a great conversation additionally the kit arrived a few days later. It's already been a significant labor of love as we worked toward obtaining an amazing fire. Really individuals, tonight we found success. We had been dancing around slapping one another in the back like school kids. Thanks A Lot Hot Licks!" -Gareth M.

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