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Custom Motorcycle helmets

If you spent my youth in the ’80s, then every time you stepped through the forests and heard a sound you performedn’t recognize, you instantly assumed it absolutely was the Predator. Years later on, those alien creatures which hunted army units inside jungle (and also assisted united states understand that dealing with the chopper was very important) are popular, with cosplayers portraying them at cons on a regular basis.

Well, now compliment of Nitrinos MotoStudios, the Predator can now help you protect the head and spine – as opposed to having it torn down and worn as a trophy – with these brand new designer bike helmets. The above video clip shows one of those becoming taken for a test drive to make sure “dreadlock toughness, ” a phrase you probably didn’t think you’d ever before see, notice, or imagine. Listed below are couple of a lot more of their particular custom builds.

While they positively won’t protect you against being mowed straight down with a Jesse Ventura-manned super-machine gun, these helmets tend to be certainly enough to frighten fellow motorists on the road into giving you that assured clear distance.

And simply just in case somebody decides to get somewhat salty with you, this helmet’s laser sighting will hopefully set them right.

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